Monday, April 8, 2024

Boyled in OIL Hot Enough CREEPs? Committee To Re-Elect Stupidest Men Till Our Physical Universe Ruined. Not likely SS HOLE!

    Bibi-gun Bill Netanyahu Ritter? Plus fellow playful testers of fate, hate and supreme mindless vacuity. Fate has all dumb creepdom wrapped up. Ruin PEACE's role in UNIVERSE to hearts' content. Face same perpetuity _SSHOLES. Haters of souls, even your own(s)!

Bibi Netanyahu's Soul Mate 

Claim whatever, only SHAPED LYING! Nothing's As Important As Freaky Military Nature - Bibi Ritter!

    Publicly Identified as Bibi Netanyahu's SOULMATE, I can look at your eyes again HERR RITTER. Face it though? I don't appeal with arrogance, and to you creep I identify everything life needs rid of. ARROGANT LIARS, YOU! Screw your job's importance to Bob Iger. At this point, BOB IGER is Bill Ritter and Bibi's Love Child. 

Netanyahu, dag gum child with his video game, violence.
STOP KILLING. FREE HOSTAGES. And actually face yourselves. FINALLY! 

Potentate was demonstrated as not wanted in POWER and who has benefited from what HAMAS and IRAN can't? Really, war to prove how GOD is bigger? GOD is all of everything and finished with Herr Bibi Netanyahu and White America's subjective brain.

Aunt Nancy awaits. Yet to Ms. Davis-Reagan's credit she freaked husband's assassination miss meant expendable.
Fry Cahoots _uckers.

The Distorted Financial World's Last Will and Testament

😇😡😎   😇😡😎   😇😡😎

Art Ai Weiwei?

Again, guess or assume?

Is it tragedy, and, or justice Kissinger's head's here while many cohorts only endure ...

Cue to Bow, Burning Bushes

    Sorry. Flaming celebrity can't even hide the child of THE OIL ELITE KINGDOM that bought her a place to play. While name's an embedded mediocrity in history. Don't cry for Hoda. She has a Front Row Seat watching the prodigy of damned oil refineries for a conscience Republican Dupes' children.

😇😡😎   ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜Ž   ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜Ž

Agree with Bush Prodigy's recommending reading.

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