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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Храп, Хропіння, Snork, Hona, כראָפּען, Chwyrnu, Gërhij, شخير, Խռմփացնել, Xoruldamaq, Zurrungaka, Храп, নাক ডাকা, Хъркане, Ronc, Mohagok, 打鼾, Hrkanje, Chrápat, Snorke, Snurken, Ronkas, Kuorsata, Ronflement, Roncar, Schnarchen, Ροχαλητό, Ronfle, Yi minshari, לנחור, खर्राटे, Ua qaj, Horkolás, Ikwoura, Mendengkur, いびき, Ngorok, ಗೊರಕೆ ಹೊಡೆಯುತ್ತಾರೆ, រសមុក។, 코 고는, Snoring, Stertere, 'Рчи, Berdengkur, Auina, घोरणे, Хурхирах, निद्रामा घुर्नु।, خروپف, Chrapanie, Roncar, ਘੁਰਾੜੇ, Sforăit, Храп, Хрче, Chrápať, Kuurin, Ronquido, Koromo, కాబడింది, กรน, Sıkıcı, خرراٹی بھرتے, Ngáy.

Bore-domWar's on every pageSnore. People instinctually follow though there's half-a-chance the planet is split apart by extremely self-serving shallownessReligions even preach the wisdom of Solomon while homelands tear apart? 

So, maybe after all, based on the irresponsibility of civilization, I pray Lord God Allah, end our unworthy mortal feuds far too beneath our Creator?

Unless by some miracle everyone stops acting-out, and dreams on the adage - Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men. Coined when cultural custom disrespected women as still happens today. A decidedly fateful mistake all civilization is responsible for. Centuries of female compromise chipping away at exploitive custom for their actual status cultures claimed were - given them. Still sleeping in The Dark Ages? When Women have not been done unto as one would have done to themselves. A fact. And the clearer the point of women's independence is, the clearer customs can be idolized without losing the ability to critically understand humanity is too intelligent for such incredibly selfish incentives to hate? 


Even dreaming, feuds are stressful. 
Lamenting this generation's tagging -
Hateful when hatred was outgrown generations ago - 
Until again the next one influences this one to hate as well. 

And so it goes, countless generations have reflected on Civilization's not growing up from our hatred-fueled pasts. 
But if truly honest with ourselves we'd know these Misunderstandings for what they really are - Hobbies.
Seriously. The world is too hysterical. 
"Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong."
Power to the holiest just can't be what an omnipotent judge, Allah/God would want fought over when all humanity's sleep is fitful over things like the following retired filmmaker Peter Shapiro noticed before me. Though it's always special when real people populate dreams. Watching British journalist Jon Snow recall the scene at Gaza's al-Shifa hospital where doctors struggled to treat wounded adults and children was real. As in perpetually not facing the results of living on hate?



Then, because nightmares grow more paranoid:
THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, August 1, 2014, 
cited editorial guidelines to censor this Twitter copy. Because no one's listening. Squabbling over prejudices mishandled long before any of us were even born.
Some hallucination, huh? Considering there's trombones
The Mechanical 4 Trombones Quartet

So to be direct, I support Israel but not feuding with the two states of Palestine, etc. An absurdity in the name of one loving Allah/God of all? As it's preposterous to think our Creator condones any holy war at all?

Extrapolate Mahatma Gandhi Into Every Context and See Violence Makes No Sense.
Transition Who Can't Afford? 

Of course nothing was biting now. The mayor's interest was cocktails. But I'd gotten a hook in early enough for a tardy tourist who'd apparently missed lunch and bit for exercise or something. I threw her back. 

The mayor clomped across his boat dock, past me, to his chaise lounge his wife charged to the city on donated time she spent on what he said she said was theirs while the city profited from his confidences. Opportunity's Reality.

"Open the book?" He asked picking the binder up from the table, offering it like a gift again.

I'd said I'd look but didn't. It was a can of worms and he had the horse's mouth

I said, "I don't want that printed in my head in stone. Exploiting the natural instinct to believe what I see." 

Sitting back the mayor gazed across the water. Taking in his mansion across the lake. His classic move when waiting for the Police Commissioner to serve his drink. 

He sighed. I cast and looked too. But behind us, at the last of the huge tractor shovels lining the road this side of the lake. 

The Mayor said, "Give it a rest. Nothing happens without power. Resolve to accomplish and get things done. That dossier won't harm me. No one's naive enough to believe politics works without grease. Politics is just craftsmanship and outsiders have no place telling us what to do." 

Then the Police Commissioner served saying, as always, "First one's best." 

There was nothing the mayor wouldn't enjoy. Our Three Martini leader who'd just as soon pretend to get tight on beer if the occasion required. A man of the people. I'd worked with them ten years, but the Police Commissioner went back with him to when they ruled grammar school. 

"And to think," his honor said. "We're alive when so much power derives from every little thing. Marvelous. Life," he said, stretching his arms in anticipation of his next drink. "Luxury is not for the average living in the margins. Now is it?" ...  
How deep are people sleeping?

For White People's Perspective.

James Garner 
James Scott Bumgarner 
April 7, 1928 – July 19, 2014 
V. P. of the Screen Actors' Guild 
under its' President Ronald Reagan.

And now, D. L. Hughley   
Reflects on Immigration

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York week-end traveled to Israel to demonstrate solid support without time to visit Palestine. Until, of course, a more strategic invitation could be made. As a political animal time couldn't be made on this short token-ly scheduled, presidential looking, trip to meet Israel's Prime Minister. Stroking the situation for bigger invitations to look even more presidential and capable of representing the Presidency of the United States. The whole process of influencing Americans is a long drawn out cycle of creating event-worthy reputations. Fine theater. Sincere performances. Image Is Everything.

Governor Cuomo, currently, of course, from his particular political position of a pedestal, is also enforcing morality by restricting legalized non-smokable marijuana for patients in New York. Insisting on promulgating the farce of the preposterously long American Culture Drug War. Exploiting President George Washington's weed. Politicians elected cultural warriors enable(d) this country's Criminal Enterprise System.

Am I still sleeping? A decade back or so, before becoming New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, (I voted for), I was on the sidewalk just west of the northwest 21st Street corner of Sixth Avenue, reading outside what was the old Barnes and Noble's, when he parked alone. Traveling as a civilian, which I thought was humble knowing his political ascent and importance was assured. Then after shutting his door, he scowled at my grin on his way to a 5th Avenue Parade that began at ten. And now whisked everywhere by limousine relieved of the burden of scowling at the riff-raff. 

Also brought to my attention concerning the plight of New York City working people, is Professional Drivers feel persecuted by a Police Ticketing Crackdown on vehicles immediately after lowering Speed Limits to 25 and less. Plus cycling organizations these past weeks have warned cyclists to be careful of police cruisers following them in order to pounce once they've ran the traditionally observed, but technically run STOP sign and Traffic Light. Professional delivery drivers note that careless drivers make up a minority of the unsafe at any speed drivers. And the children who've been hit shouldn't have been running out in traffic. Plus, "What about pedestrians constantly breaking the rules?" 

Because everyone in general wasn't more courteous when stretching the rules. And the police themselves are constrained to the revenue stream of the Criminal Enterprise System?
And finally? People are kidding, right? Bloomberg's Legacy reduced to New York City buildings granted separate entrances for lower-income housing - in the same building?Separating amenities like swimming because the sharks know their less fortunate can't afford luxuries. Fools. It's all about the kids of course. Controlling their environments. Gated Communities For Everybody! Well. Until ghettos are polished from the bottom up, good intentions are overdrawn by the hype, mile and yard.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Putin Cabinet Picked From Associates That Ruled Russia All Along

  Still unyielding to the concept absolute power causes him appear to be a dictator, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his officially appointed Cabinet, semi-officially transferring government power from his parliamentary to re-assumed Presidential seat as The New York Times and Reuters report everything is the same as per usual. 
  Though half the Cabinet changed some clearly retain roles within their associations of friends that control those ministries.Igor I. Sechin is giving up the deputy prime minister post, but is expected to remain a pivotal figure in large energy negotiations. Meanwhile no one related to the dissident movements was chosen thereby affirming few if any were considered. 
  President Putin did not attend a weekend G8 summit at American President Obama’s Camp David because of preparations for today’s announcement in Moscow that technically were returning Prime Minister Medvedev’s job. Though that split of responsibilities was seen to emphasize President Putin’s power over the Prime Minister, this could be more about how overall powerful the president is. Maybe he just didn’t want to fly to America, and prove anything to anyone anymore. Visiting Camp David just meant being bothered by others that want something from him. After all what’s the polished publicity behind Prime Minister Medvedev for? 
  The Ministry of Culture went to Vladimir Medinsky, a pop histories of the Soviet Union author and chest-thumping advocate of patriotic education. A gallery owner Marat Guelman mused on Ekho Moskvy radio that “the ministry of culture could turn into a ministry of propaganda.” 
  Ah, we miss the good old days until we get them and we’re still not satisfied. As with today’s cake icing that Mr. Putin has not yet announced his own Kremlin staff, known as the Presidential Administration. He probably wants to see how the recent shakeup of internal alliances settles before making those critical choices. 
  Like who’s in charge of taking out the trash? With so many assorted pieces to keep in place how does one man control the entire board? Authoritarianism. Certainly. Mr. Putin should prove he’s more mature than that.
January  11, 2016
Putin Cabinet Picked From Associates That Ruled Russia All Along
5/21/2012 concludedLike who’s in charge of taking out the trash? With so many assorted pieces to keep in place how does one man control the entire board? Authoritarianism. Certainly. Mr. Putin should prove he’s more mature than that. 

  Yeah right. President Putin's picking up his pace attending to the roots of Russia's inequalities. Take the pacifier out of the public's mouths and get started and stop imitating this clown playing czar.
Obnoxiousness Is the New Charisma
by Frank Bruni in The New York Times

David. Iman, my sorrow for you. My shy side misses you. And now with your husband's passing, who I never met, except, you know, in photos and sound. I miss him too, but more for you. Last night I first heard the new release Lazarus where he sings,"in heaven." It was so nice that while thinking heaven on earth after the song. My wife entered the kitchen from the office remarking how remarkable the song sounded. Just like people to play the hits today, and your husband left a special one for all. 
"Your friend," CMF
Morality's Not A Threat?
  How about dissecting this El Chapo example from inside-out? Not just pass off the reality of Mr. Guzmán's claim environment raised him. The immorality behind creating the Criminal Enterprise System that blames others for the necessity to protect everyone is delusional scapegoating and ploy of every form of tyranny limiting our ability to solve crises rather than malignantly thriving on withstanding tragedy. Crime is simple. Ours' a real farce.
  Ya notice, whether anyone could see profit from this, or not, that conservatives say liberals say conservatives are what liberals say conservatives say what liberals say conservatives say liberals mean conservatives mean liberal means as if it's almost the other's utter cluelessness that's what's right about what they're wrong about even when they're both right about being wrong they're right? Still it's a world class mind funk going on when public discourse is so ruled by cliché. Senator Ryan you jargon modifying politician you. Your move. You could suggest Hilary Clinton might consider what office she'd attempt to name Senator Sanders' appointment to if she were elected. Rather than allow the idea to blow in the political wind as well with other new Johnny One Note trills? 
  Life's not a bargain and neither is its' clean up and why someone's always cleaning up whether we are or not. No? Inspired not to work? Someone that lazy isn't the problem. And so it goes

  Is this story for forcing un-faced discomfort. Not just awful and awkward, but, downright shameful things a writer's role's to uncover after the truth. So once upon a time a, short, sickly at birth, youngster nicknamed Happy, by his parents, because he always seemed to laugh as a baby, turned into an uncommonly, arrogantly, ambitious child. Except for his extreme shyness around girls that developed due to his being overwhelmed by the extreme pulchritude of everyone of the female persuasion in his hometown. 
  So it was then, on this one particular day that he went to the home where all the neighborhood kids went to play sports and tag that would last hours. Even being an occasion for the last time his father spanked him when kids convinced him to continue playing hide-and-seek after the streetlights came on that was his time to go home and his father met him on the path running home, behind the neighbor's house, and grabbed his right arm and walloped his behind. After which telling his mother the episode was too violent and he never hit Happy again and they went back to the system where Happy'd feel too terrible defying his parents making that punishment enough. Being treated as a child was not really how a young man who had to grow up fast should be treated. 
  But on this other particular day the older boys decided, as was their inclination, to exclude Happy and so they had him hang around by the garage with a dog that belonged to one of the other boys and he was warned not to be friendly with the pet because the dog could get ornerySo literally four decades before his eventual wife would say all dogs are good and feed them even candy, if that's all there was available, to the most vicious fenced up guard dogs, Happy decided he'd be friendly as the dog was to him too. Except when the dog bit him and he cried and the boys came, not startled but telling him he'd been warned and the episode became hilarious when Happy screamed he'd have the owners sued for their dog's being allowed to have such a disposition. 
  Well. At home his mother medicated the wound and calmed him down and the next day was told of her being called by that county's Sheriff to make sure he was okay as the dog belonged to him and his son. Fascinatingly enough, for Happy, during his early high school years one of the nicest people towards him was a cousin of theirs whose father also went on to become that county's Sheriff. 
  Now. (See Sheriff link for the dog's owner's tyrannical history.) These facts are not being recounted as an act of revenge or to sound more properly moral in light of the racist atmosphere that permeated that town as the first black person in Happy's school didn't occur till his fifth grade year over a decade after that grossly, preposterously, racist nonsense had been allowed to permeate the spiteful culture for a century after the supposed ending of that cultural nonsense that had been theoretically put in its' proper place
  Needless to say the young world conqueror had to be educated to the fact his parents considered not moving there because of the actions of that particular Sheriff who was literally on record as having ruled that county with an iron racist fist. So he must act accordingly and not unsafely push that man. 
  So. If readers wonder why I apparently don't care who or what authority I stand up to as a writer, defying their power to disregard me? There's two reasons. 

1. Free Speech
2. I'm not a child anymore and will push satire's envelope limitlessly for the result that this world truly faces Allah/God believing everyone's your chosen people.
Link to church where when preparing to sing 
We Three Kings before the whole congregation, 
another child responded, "Happy's the black one." 
  So 3. My name's Charles Malcolm Fraser and I don't care what peaceful means anyone finds unnecessary for me to "misguidedly" use. Because I've had it with the lot of this world's excuse ridden, riddled, racist nonsense. George W. Bush you better g__ d___ed well apologize for claiming the right to perpetrate cycles of violent revenge in God's name because I think you're the example to make from your claim this racist nonsensical holy war/jihad bull-crap is and was your responsibility to to end through its' pursuit. This constant military solution when anyone with a clue can see Isis' children were born of you and your co-horts MISTAKES. Pragmatic? I confront you as a liar. Allah/God have mercy on your and Dick Cheney and all your other false brethren neocons' souls for perpetrating the continuation of this godawful bloody mess, cycle of revenge, you hypocrite of the lowest order. I actually don't believe God/Allah needs a revenge of that magnitude and maybe it's reserved for me. But my dare is you apologize or go to Hell. Thank Allah/God's judge because there's not enough time in the world for me to care to listen to another of your excuses. 
  Uh. See? Turned out I wasn't just after Sheriff McCall's legacy after all. I'm just a sarcastic s.o.b. What can I say, the world's an oyster irritating the hell out of me?
  As of 9:09 AM Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, August 26nd, 2019there's been no sufficiently acceptable world-wide public apology from former American President, George W. Bush. Sure. Presidential Candidates, and commercial track pundits, may excuse your critical mistakes to appeal to percentages of opinion while this complaint-ant is just a sarcastic Soapbox View. But! In lieu of no emphatic sincere apology, you, because the buck stopped with you and your responsibility for people's further lost perspective on why revenge is wrong. Please, really help. Not appease various angers that don't stop. Suck it up. You were swept up by history. The future needs to break from the crap. And that's that. 
(Edit - 8/22/19)
  And freaking? Yes freaking North Korea's playing with weapons. The crises established by the pathological sense of ruling war that's acted upon as if it's actually not known where they could have possibly gotten defeatist ideas like this from. C'mon. Can't everyone say hypocrite? That would be some bandwagon to jump off, eh? 
  Speaking of which, this morning, radio covered Governor "Gateway" Cuomo of New York's announcement, yesterday January 10th, endorsing a prison education program to be paid for from "criminal forfeitures." From upon his Criminal Enterprise System pulpit. When until the façade's dissected and remedied, this creation of a broad wide spectrum of criminality to protect the public from attacking itself is no more and no less than culturally scapegoating sin. 
  Because what I heard was ratification Saturday morning from a Corporation For Public Corporate Broadcasting commentator who balanced Pablo Guzman's defense, saying, still, he was "subverting the rule of law here." While reality remains unfazed by the rule of law's subverting the rule of law even the Supreme Court can face but facetious corruption of the economics can't? Law would have protected us already. Let go of this financial forest's façade so history's evolution doesn't remain so critically flawed. Police, the umpires are supposed to be on everyone's side. ... .
History's More Than Understanding Tradition
  11,000 Cuban migrants. Senator Rubio needs to get off his anti-Castro revenge pulpit and participate in economically kick-starting the island that really at this point comes before running for any presidencyBecause the cause of Yankee exploitation of Cuba does not need redeeming. And no matter how much sycophantic hoo-haw praise you can raise? God knows. Good luck with that. Everyone knows the answer's always how money flows. Shouldn't be the problem.
100 Character Celebrity Sighting
  Traditionally this comment would appear towards the bottom right where there's a 100 character description of crossed paths with celebrities since New York's where a lot work etc., so paths do cross. But this celebrity crossing defies a 100 character description as simple as it sounds. So, locking my bike to a parking meter and, just before putting the lock around the pole, and between the front wheel and spokes, a black car pulls up beside the parked cars and I recognize a beard exiting, and having a five-year-old time of it getting his companion out of the backseat. So I remember this guy, close to right away, because a decade back, and probably just months before he became a bigger household name, I'd carried a package from his managing company to a record company on lower Fifth Avenue. I can't recall how I saw his name other than I never look inside so his name was outside. So he's got me grinning as he exists and carts his charge over the curb past me to go in St. Bartholomew's and we parted with like a nod. Then, at least an hour later, I walk up to unlock my bike and bending over, glance seeing him to my left about to saunter past with his child. Recognizing one another, from before, Steve Earle does his hey how you doin, and I reply good and ask how he's doin, and he says oh alright while tugging the kid along back up the street to a waiting SUV. Mr. Earle's, The New York Times, April 12, 2016, The Other Side of Merle Haggard, essay.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ex-New York State Senator Guilty of Skimming From His Own Nonprofit

  Called “pugnacious” by The New York Times, former New York State Senator Pedro Espada Jr., was found guilty of padding his personal life with proceeds from the Soundview Health Center he operated since 1978 in the Bronx.
  Mr. Espada’s lawyer, Susan R. Necheles argued “so what if he wants to live the good life?” And. “If he was entitled to the meals, then who cares what kind of meals he had?”
  And, why not, when Mr. Espada, as a politician from the other side of the tracks, competed in the well-funded political game where allies aren’t cheap since the cost of living is so really high? His publicists have probably already planned how to revive Pedro’s career. Painting him as a Boss Tweed, who while he skimmed for himself spread more to the public than the skin-flints of Manhattan before and after Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall, New York City.
  Aspiring to big and powerful is presumably how Mr. Espada got himself in his mess on the government’s bad side after throwing his vote in 2009 with the New York State Republicans making theirs the majority party and him Senate Majority Leader Espada. Though the Times cites the government had been after him on those charges for ten years, the case seemed to find momentum after Mr. Espada became a political star.
  The dynamic political move was his Waterloo and points all too clearly to how if you think you’re powerful enough you can get away with anything.
  America is a wonderful country and Mr. Espada luckily probably won’t have to serve the full ten years for each count he could be sentenced. Negotiating down from forty leaves a solid eighteen months, or thirty years of parole, or a lifetime of heartache? Nah, Pedro’s a politician. He could be doing Jay Leno before we all wake up tomorrow.
December  9 - 18, 2015
Ex-New York State Senator Guilty of Skimming From His Own Nonprofit 

5/15/2012 concluded: ... Nah, Pedro’s a politician. He could be doing Jay Leno before we all wake up tomorrow.

  Not exactly funny. But Jay Leno before we wake up tomorrow could be relatively amusing. In fact polish before substance is par for the course when resurrecting an image? Although now the sarcasm would be directed at The Tonight Show current host's own constant sycophantic laughter substituting for ongoing conversation or other gesture the craft relies on. At least(?) The Late Show's Stephen Colbert is only a half-step off that sales-pitching pace of back-slapping claptrap people apparently take to the office in agreement to undermine the careers of those who do the real work and can't be bothered with the nuance-less politics of back-stabbing career preservation glad-handers excel in. But, as with Pedro's problem, the reality is no one survives without enough allies. So Pedro's mistake was fighting his way up from the less lucrative Bronx? Rather than a better-funded Brooklyn or Manhattan fiefdom. If only there'd been a bigger mass of money behind him he'd still be standing? But Pedro was simply a victim of his own ego as most people are. 
  Well while looking through Wikipedia there was no mention of Sigourney Weaver's father Sylvester Weaver creating The Tonight Show as well as Today although his personal page credits him. Even Wikipedia hides individuals in corporate America's construction of entertainment reality? So only commercial interests still dictate what's seen, as, for instance, in the case of the Corporation for Public Corporate Broadcasting? But it was Sylvester who'd worked for Young & Rubicam who separated the advertising business from direct influence on what was broadcast. A seemingly useless pursuit but he tried. While, once again, advertising isn't necessarily evil as it did reduce the public's direct cost of entertainment, but made up for in the loss of independent voices. Yeah Murrow's lineage, though those exceptions to the rule floundered as pieces of the action were withdrawn from real skeptics. 
  For instance what a fawning disappointment 60 Minutes has become. The new profiled Drug Sap, (who doesn't like the drug czar name but if the shoe still fits), director of National Drug Control Policy, Michael Botticelli accurately derides the negatives of alcohol and appreciates his own happy recovery from said drug but still wants marijuana to remain the linchpin (lynchpin) in the Criminal Enterprise System while making treatment for addicts rather than criminal prison our great social breakthrough. No doubt facilitating a nation of finks as William S. Burroughs warned and even 60 Minutes profiled the week before. Elitist morality still better than the pitiable falling victim to their adventures? The pity quotient to the point of making sure the law and disorder people maintain respect for each other. Gutless. Period. But my disappointment isn't just with the President's riding along. It's with Americans who love lounging on thrones. Pretentiously damning others for a profit as per usual you heartless land of hypocrisy. That really doesn't have to be.
  And 60 Minutes paragon Charlie Rose lauding the great English Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, is fine and the billions that industry circulates between themselves. But a real 60 Minutes would condemn their not using and helping develop alternate fuel as was racing's original role in developing the automobile industry. Excusing relentless selfishness and being above criticism is no way to live and people should stop living for that satisfaction. 

Another industry (conspiracy of individuals) deciding God's judgement for themselves?

  Climate change conferences etc. sound like facing reality. But what about actual remorse? China that was already riding bicycles over twenty years ago copied AMERICA. The bright and shining beacon on the hill that will either show the world what really facing the truth is, or lazily keep grinding the whole she-bang under in the belief we're sorry mistakes happened rather than really being remorseful. Realistic? Bah, humbug.
  Now back to the essay's original political sphere, there's the bringing down of New York state powerbrokers Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos. Pitched as a corrective for statehouse outside skimming while briefly-in-the-extreme Silver's was exposed as inflated real estate being behind him. News that dropped down the rabbit hole with the rest of the secrets about how everyone's become cheaper against skyrocketing costs. Bet even the real estate industry would feel more comfortable about being just real estate than the greasing of pockets it has come to mean. As always though, the tragedy's the power Silver's district once had that may never be seen again until another celebrity veneer's constructed. Democracy a fight for power among elites is what communism's distortions were too. Yeah? Governor "my golden path" Cuomo is going to end seat of the pants capitalist corruption that's really not that different than his glad-handing friendships Silver's goals were plated with. Geez, too many sentences ending in a preposition? Throw more fuel on the barbie and burn this shrimp alive?
  Political corruption's a tidy package. Hardly a transparent label. But out of control now that financial interests are in such a gear "legal money" today would have the past's most corrupt salivating them from their sleep to the trough every morning before their supposed working people allies eat their first piece of toast. 
  Paying the police better than the crooks was always the solution and not really bothered with years ago because under-the-table bred such prosperity without much actual work. But now morality is the line to tow so it's essentially corrupted too. The fix is in money's narrow circulation. Instead selfishness preserves its exclusivity at the top. People would just like to think its a growing pain in Africa yet entrenched all over the world.
  "Sit down Mr. Espada. Make yourself at home. How's things now that space can't even be bought to frame your image better in the public eye? 
  So now the New York City Council that had no power to stop the exaggeration of the New York City real estate market wants raises to keep up. Ooo. Minimum wage criers, then as inflation reigns it all in and out of reach once again who has the real power for those raises all over again? The legal padded system.
  As the lights rise erasing darkness the stage reveals a den. Men. Laughter. People whose introspection was the darkness so light never fully arrived. The corpulent one behind the large desk, streamlined by diet industry interests, offers cigars with a nod since none of the others wanted to be seen as the gopher and so there they sat till a servant was called to hand them out so they could all grin with satisfaction. Smoking tobacco on a strived for pedestal too token to appeal to actual pride but backbones for those who'd never face themselves. 
  "So," their leader snickered, "whose report will cheer me up most and whose will lie that I'm less exposed?" Stalinesque introspection.
  Trump's a problem? Smoke and mirrors at its finest. Muslims a problem? What about the tribalism at the religions' roots? Allah/God's chosen over others in battle? The very cause and still just really a complete mistake blaming these things as God/Allah's idea or fault. Rather they're ours not getting past what's really seriously silly, utterly ridiculous jargon. 

Allah For Everybody! All is God. Our portion should straighten up on principle and stop scapegoating the other side's responsibility.

  Justice? Don't kid yourselves that Robert Durst is finally facing justice. In his mind he got away with murder. Now he's old, declining and it clearly just doesn't matter to him while other vultures are sure of getting their piece. Not that lawyers or the law is evil, it's just don't be confused revenge is a solution. Justice should have meant the victims are still living or at least lived out their lives as Robert Durst pretended.


  Film: Robert Redford. 1998, his publicist announced Mr. Redford's interest in portraying Dr. Armand Hammer if the right script came along because he'd studied the man. Making sense for The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service, I never forgot. But I'm satisfied for history's sake the book's obscurity will fit well opposite Mr. Redford's legacy as a liberal icon. Unfortunately, I guess, as dedicated as I've been, this marks the end of my giving a rat's a__ one way or the other. Professionals claim interest in the world's intellectual growth, then that's what should be remembered. Along with Andrew Wylie I think of "movie" industry movers as people whose word is reliable only for being mistrusted. Despite all the success in BREAKING IN by Nicholas Jarecki. Although my book's deserving, my feeling is there's many who're not honest enough with themselves to see jackals in the mirror when they wake every morning. Or are extremely proud of it. Either way, I put in half-a-century on what privilege's not BIG ENOUGH to tackle. Representing an industry where puckering's an art and truth, liability. Satisfied, no. Acceptable, no. Inevitable, no. So pucker, the rat's on retainer.
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