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A Fine Day For A Ceremonial Announcement In The White House Rose Garden

  Politicians generally agree foreigners with advanced degrees are welcome to stay here in the United States of America. Really, this country just can’t be in the business of accepting the world’s huddled masses anymore? Having had enough of being the world’s caretaker was the general subtext behind last Friday’s initially reported heckling of the President by conservative journalist, Neil Munro, of THE DAILY CALLER, who has his own capable explanation of how he shouldn’t have been the story when he only wanted the President to address the issue of American jobs taken by illegal aliens. Mr. Munro, pictured above, credibly states he thought the President was finished speaking when his questions were wedged in.
  No doubt this drama could play out as a testy President, but by the end of Friday it was a burnt out non-story reduced to fizzle on the Internet, perhaps from the liberal media’s impatience with conservative rhetoric. Or reflection of just how important it is for either side to accumulate votes from every opinion.
  The Washington Post reported Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney voiced tacit acceptance but expressed incredulousness at the political move when the nitpicking lack of legislation was arriving at this plateau eventually, anyway. The stakes for wanting to be seen as the good guy are incredibly high.
  So President Obama played this hand as the cards were dealt. The New York Times reported on his rose garden announcement that illegal immigrants who came here as children would not be deported. While however nominal the gesture could be interpreted, this was a Profiles in Courage moment. Now, as they say, see what America decides.
  Wikipedia describes Profiles as a 1955 Pulitzer Prize-winning biography describing acts of bravery and integrity by eight United States Senators. These men, John Quincy AdamsDaniel WebsterThomas Hart BentonSam HoustonEdmund G. RossLucius LamarGeorge NorrisRobert A. Taft sacrificed elections for principals. Right, the President just let some kids off by executive order. Not like something was miraculously shoved through Congress. But is an element of jingoism what patriotism has come to? Because if born here were the requisite, we still might exist as tribes, which as it so happens we do, regardless, so may reflection be why everyone votes as individuals.
Statue Robert A. Taft would build the Israeli West Bank Barrier
 if Martians were on other side.
RIO GRANDE at a calm peaceful tempo.
A Fine Day For A Ceremonial Announcement In The 
White House Rose Garden
6/17/2012 concluded: But is an element of jingoism what patriotism has come to? Because if born here were the requisite, we still might exist as tribes, which as it so happens we do, regardless, so may reflection be why everyone votes as individuals.
September 8 - 27, 2016
  6/17/12 concluded utopianist poppycock. Vote as individuals. Ha! The fact the American Presidential Election's a commercial certainty isn't a surprise. The rhetorical platforms were already a disgraceful betrayal of the public's ability to engage in full scrutiny. The national canvas so focused on products winning, minds get over on the hearts of Americans. The more effective the sycophantic trance, the more reliably repeated fluent spiel. Though legal, or not, ruthless still crosses a line marking the whole planet Absurdistan.
  There's no taking back all the contrivances of cooperation currently manifested all across our extremely broad, but 5th in size planet in just this solar system alone. Where Law and Order is so deified, Presidents, and supposedly, not so much, candidateshangers-onall, relish the righteous parading of voting booth pragmatism as absolution, (Governors Gateway of New Jersey and New York), for a dogmatically penalizing, commercialized, Criminal Enterprise System that supports as much, and more, legalistic ethics twisting as the heinous "criminal acts" themselves as defined as social limits while marijuana laws in particular reflect a subjective prejudice of the most outrageous self-righteous kind. Against the law? Culture War. Strip the façade and Drug Policy Outlawing Subcultures produced violent sport that made justice itself a game where the contests are the only spiritMorality's serious business ran righteousness amok, and ruthless custom has lingered from when generations sharing spoils, spoiled civilizing society, back before more egalitarian measures and methods behind competitive enrichment improved a tad. Yet conspiring individuals left a framework of pseudo-morality bent on artificial rule's addiction to power a Roy Cohn scion could keep bending America's benevolence toward being against ourselves all alone? 
  Everything's competition yes. But portending ruthlessness is a civilized pragmatic fact is power's poisoning that conjures unsolvable wars without adequate effort to full-out approach solutions to people's crises beyond their reach. Kumbaya. Political rhetoric has and does prevent facing issues so what a really safe culture means isn't understood. Terrorists mistakenly distort their means justifying an end. Criminals too. Yet the reasons for responding through war and violence are just revenge. Especially when political propriety and tokenistic anti-political correctness insist war's specific and not just a mere indicator of all-around bad influences. Oh well. C'est la vie as the French don't say. And I don't want to believe God/Allah has to bother with one as people describe(d). But, if the case: TO HECK WITH EVERYONE. How's that for a politically tuned basket?
Mr. Cohn, unidentified third suit, and Mr. Trump

  Stalin doomed Trotsky labelling him "the opportunist." While the moniker's done quite relatively well by both men named in the picture above. Didn't know now what you didn't know then? Life's a competition amongst ruthless scoundrels and you "have to be tough." That's the truth. But where all the pomp and circumstance of dramatic epic proportion points these election seasons is just a show. Because what's at stake is the largest system of ratings points that exist, outside of the world of commercial exchange, among registered voters. Choice is always between one glossy conspiracy or another.
  Well. Speaking of organized, a September 6th Soapbox View subject purportedly colluded with his government's elite to further test practice their nuclear capability underground producing a 5.3 earthquake. When militaristic patriotism's a significant sign of strength any leader would want to play too. Those not strong enough can't portray strength. 
  What will, most likely, might not happen is China testing their military's ability to invade North Korea with surgical precision. Knowing practice is what facilitates the world's experiences at perfecting their chosen martyrdoms. Looking the hero showing enough's enough. It's one thing to distract America as far as the world's strategic balancing of competitive power goes. And a theoretical complete otherwise demonstrating a willingness to recklessly risk damaging the planet by corporate will alone. And make no mistake. Political smoke and mirrors aside, everyone knows states are corporations. Why mince words? Just ask the EU, Apple and Ireland or even especially yourself?
Here ya go. Another dead guy already described how the past should have seen how the present looks.
The Soapbox View pursues the Twin Legacies 

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