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    Wow! Look at the stuff comes up today, when FACEBOOK BLOCKED, the first FACEBOOK Editor-in-Chief JK Fraser's Nephew's Advertising Spectacular, from POSTING WITHIN A HALF HOUR OF FACING DOWN BULLSHIT-IN-THE-EXTREME HIDING FACING ME. Sanford not facing Trayvon Martin? Go TRASH GO profiting on idiocy Sanfordites !!! Wouldn't even quote a price for filming in the JACKIE ROBINSON STADIUM. Made filming there, sound formidable. Boo - you too shallow white intolerant escapism.

    Fulfilling my responsibility as seen in the Patrick Henry tradition. The Name should not be the pedestal, it is, from which States Rights' dissolve the rights of Woman and Man. ROGER STONE, THE DUMPSTER FASCIST's Illusion and Mockery of Friend.  

    In New York Sate's case, our highly esteemed office holders are in fact in cooperation, continuing their bastard sire ROBERT MOSES' RACIST wishes

Robert Moses and the saga of the racist parkway bridges

“I’m still surprised that some people were surprised when I pointed to the fact that if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a White and a Black neighborhood or if an underpass was constructed such that a bus carrying mostly Black and Puerto Rican kids to a beach — or that would’ve been — in New York was — was designed too low for it to pass by, that that obviously reflects racism that went into those design choices.”

— Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, remarks at the White House, Nov. 8. 

When Buttigieg made these comments at the White House, some right-leaning Twitter users immediately cried foul. 

    Here The New York Post is click to page reference to speak through their a____ for themselves. MY POINT IS -

As soon as I started asking questions the interview ended." - Robert A. Caro, Ina's husband.
    Clearing up Faceless Sanford (Military Industrial Fake Money Complex Trash tracked me from their homes). 
    Instead of arresting me? My best friend spent "the worst night of my life," for some controlled drug conspiracy, locked in a box and lawyers eventually got him out. Then before studying the Russian and Soviet History incidentals I needed I said it's all just a joke, that anyone's opponents. "Chuck." he said "you don't realize the job I have is draftsman for Military Contractors." And what do we say? Yesterday is not tomorrow today folks, gotta wrap up war and all the hostilities making money for fools who don't care enough for even themselves. Middle East Crisis? Mockery of Financial Circulation.
    Sanford Trash thought manipulating near me convenient to play nuclear science with money, making my poverty seem neglectful, at best, rather than mastered. Jerks. I don't have money so marijuana money is siphoned into retirement? I clearly said I can't envision retirement for myself. Money poisoned is poison to me. 
    People in the habit of lying like Rob Wyatt Lightspeed right down the line. HE SAID THE CARNEGIE CORPORATION DOESN"T WANT ME BACK THERE EITHER AFTER FACING SOUTH AFRICA with Desmond Tutu's package. Vociferous how I crossed a trust line. He even prepared before telling me I could do it if I promised not to do anything. That was a thought that lasted a dime's worth when time to write that poem and put myself on the line HAPPENED. As opposed to screwing money around my life behind my back. I thought I was making mistakes, most all of which were planned around me. 
    Especially Reed Fraasa's contact supplying the pound of grass that Liz's kids pilfered, in small amounts, and sold to neighborhood kids because Liz managed her kids both poverty-wise and mentally stricken. All I wondered was when the hell out of Sanford and I'm not finished till I'm finished. Anyway, pot I'd bought enough of not to look for while in university. Very time consuming retail in Florida. Then the pain was `Reagan sold cocaine to America pretending his witch wasn't a pharmaceutical heiress pinhead to begin with. Look at that. More of what Facebook is protecting America from. ... I'm betting there's not enough money-in-the-world to buy enough lawyers to actually face me. 

Mr. Kuby? If you get a call from a retired American Navy Marine Colonel? I'm working from jail.

THE WORLD DESERVES BETTER THAN Dark Age Mediocrity. Patti Smith and I think The Church Should House The Poor. It's Necessary When The Homeless' Pennies Aren't Even Worth That and done all by ourselves to ourselves. OR LOCK ME UP! !!!

'Bicycle Bob' Silverman Orlando Born Canadian ...  

πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Dethrone Robert Moses πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Robert Caro buries Robert Moses For Good Again and Again and Again as Forever's Necessary ...
 Lyndon Johnson's Means of Ascent Cross 

Monday, June 26, 2023 


New York State's Stolen Financial Control Female Symbol

New York Gov. Hochul’s Husband Works for Corporate Giant Accused of Union-Busting

    Citizens of New York better face it. Your, our, governor is triangulated into a scheme, of cross-purposes, whereby the continued undermining of New York City as a world commerce center has been sabotaged for generations. Back when cab drivers were faced with losing their gas guzzling, eye-soreness, traveling back-and-forth to the airport for the purpose of occasionally gouging unaware rubes arriving to be shown how a tourist has to dress to appreciate feeling successful in the super-tall, 


    Governor Upstate (manipulated) Madness resents success came from, and to, New York City at all? I hate to admit it. But on the surface, that manipulated consciousness of something's being deprived upstate? Bringing down Cuomo? Actual appearance of scam. She, appearance of not a threat as VICE as political operations habitually conceive.

    I personally don't like former Governor Cuomo. But to think? Oh good job hatcheting down another one? Not completely visibly connecting the dots for the driven assemblage (New York State), given the right to vote on BIG STALLS

    See? I don't even pretend manipulation cares. The links, used now, are not even directly about this. But really about everyone and how our governor evidently needs financially supported friends as with the South American Aristocracy the American elite founded in their images. Right. People won't remember after Florida's Governor closes all the history books.

    Coercing  friends. Fabulous. A conspiracy of individuals designed to  lay blame on an economy that can't survive without burning oil. Scapegoat blaming scapegoat is a hell of a lot worse than even two wrongs don't make a right. Governor?

    So governor, why not just conspire to stop PRETENDING it's not a sin destroying the EARTH from within? 

    Blame Trump. Scapegoating anything the Republican Trap does, is leading the country abyssmally for as long as your forever lasts. PLUS New York's governor is advertised solving things she's nowhere near allowed to solveDON'T KID ME. It's been a game of elect me to not take co-responsibility

    You gave yourselves raises how often with the perk of destroying us with inflation that your offices' prestiges allow your thrilled to be surfing inflation on, meaning contracting with any co-conspiracy available. How is it the Dumpster's name is still on any building in the State of New York is a lying shame

    Dictators anyone around the globe thrilled with skimming just for fun. Governor. Fix that stadium you have or consider history documents loser now with the Mar-a-Lago inmateKilling Mass Transit. If you're not ashamed, IMPEACH.

    Pillaging the poor telling everyone oh no we ripped each others' percentages off too much again. The entire country has lost the ability to finance retirement on re-selling their houses. Or at least those lucky enough to have rising percentages demand demeaned mediocrity. 

    Both Republicans and The Democratic Party sell their friendships as pretending socialism and capitalism are enemies. Knowing how to spend money kept from BLACKS for generations actually. Why obvious 125th is denied being a hub again. By Racist Apologists. Descended from New York City's Race War Rioters pushed on by racist friends. What's up publicly exposed liars?

    Dissembling New York City is Czar Kathy Hochul. Not even an election year and ads inform the public how much she's done. When results of her cronies operations are she's their worthless governor of New York, just as one's in Florida ripping off cream making sure everything runs on gas. Couldn't even complete as brand new train from upstate to Orlando all the way next door to DIZZY WORLDDIZZY LAND MONORAIL! Go to school TRUMP KINGDOM !!! YOU ARECriminal Donald John Trump, a part of the university level, freshman course, Dump on the Public, Everyone Coerced To Stealing From Each Other 101

And now this important message: 

Trump Becomes the First President Since Eisenhower to Change, Space Force, Faiths in Office

    Back to illustrative Political Show

    And getting away with what Political Operatives can? Letitia James is more than powerful enough to take over when what New York's always needed was a governor with real legalese teeth. Most likely why tycoon George Pataki was so appealing. Know what? I didn't like naming the Tappan Zee for Mario Cuomo. Dare you to take that name down in front of me before that disgrace to history.

    It is not good moving up and muddling over what Letitia James is capable of with ten more years experience with what malfeasance, has already done, before becoming governor? And guess what? If she can't find why the governor and her husband aren't being prosecuted for manipulating the state into shallow purposes giving up on a fundamental state project, then what? HOCHUL PREFERS THE BUS

    I'd really prefer Governor Hochul kept her office and shut down the HOAX THE ECONOMY survives burning oil! ! ! ! 

    Citizens should want THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL TO EXPLAIN everything to us.

    Go ahead? Hide away and not face dishonor too, Governor Kathy (why no middle name?) Hochul. You czarish despot of deliverance to Wall Street that doesn't live anywhere actually anymore as if on the National Argentine Program of Surfing The World on The Dollar while driving the poor peso underground. As Marlon Brando says, "the horror." 

    What's going on really? Husband gets a splice of a Buffalo football stadium deal

Cooperative Newspaper Coverup -

Fact Check: Buffalo Bills stadium & Gov. Hochul’s husband

... so stench of corruption goes only a little far. Her public facing down Republicans fraud

    Like Hitler hideaways in Andes Mountains insinuating the hiding behind Hitler mirage had only gotten vacationed that far. If so, why is destroying the planet from within that important to move money away from answers and into friends pockets. How capitalism works and distorts when a governorship is based on a platform of standing at podiums and performing like that GOD DAMNED DISGRACE. Be a real New York Governor

    Bottom line as fast as possibleOBVIOUSLY I'd prefer ten years just disappeared and the State Attorney General installed as the best trained Governor we ever had. Confronted with pivoting themselves in a political field outright owned by despicable people. Not that Governor What's His Name shouldn't have been punished for being too publicly friendly with people. But there's been a Republican Trap, you know. The men don't think and can't  talk, except repeat jargon. The women pretend they could be coaxed in friendly atmosphere. Women more ruthless than men possibly. 

    Cuomo? Formerly married to a Kennedy and allowed to live. Bad people's finger prints are all over history. Get yours off your positioning Governor Or, or imprison me.    If you don't believe the people cornering THAT Governor Hochul into destroying the very nature of economic self-reward? You're lying to yourselves as their MONEY has trained you to believe. Most know how money works, now recognize people who worship it want the future desired cheating each other with money that's nowhere near circulating as these liars Nancy and Ronnie Reagan displayed themselves as exemplars of. 

President Reagan and wife's most hideous crime? Not dancing publicly with fellow fools in the ballroomA mob hit unless idiocy is woken up. 

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library documents self hiding with Dr. Hammer, mocking public persona in unadulterated nonsensical ridiculously maneuvered bureaucracy

Fake Capitalism. Lock Fake Capitalism's ex-president up.

    Hochul obviously pitched as not a political threat, however stationed for the move they saw so easy in their grasp. Descended from pushing cab drivers to destroy a planned train to La Guardia. Little fixes around. But getting close to the real move from Kennedy past La Guardia to the 125th Street hub? Publicity is controlled so the state doesn't know. They have upstate votes defeating the city while Hochul's cronies STOLE New York's future away. The pinheads have invested money all over the world for people to fly around and into cities without managing anything but the tourist indifference that Kathy Hochul applied to the Governorship of New York no matter where she has her illustriousness magnificently treated today. Notice the handlers just love her behind a podium on TV mocking us with a hammed up ceremonial display of pretend integrity. 

Seriously doubt it all the Arabs fault the Sahara's not solar paneled. Women need to hold high offices and not head dress bimbos as pictured below. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

    Well guess what? The people so GOD damned satisfied getting away with ruining New York Economics can just FACE IT.

    The nature of things is fraud all over the Buffaloed Enterprise System page. Due to confluences of interests. People maneuver circles of friends and acquaintances, from positions, between ideas, even randomly, to where they fit sometimes devious uses. Natural in competition. But as enacted in everyone resentful and getting back? That's the inflationary yoke on all of us. Leaving us pretending to fight what dooms us to incomplete full circulation prosperity. 

    Inflation = Poor. RIGHT HERE >>> Structured to float the Wall Street CesspoolRetirement Funding the whole of society would be better off having without that GOD damned yoke inflation

πŸ‘ŽProof American Success Can Work Without A Dime Consumed on College Education and HISTORY writes itself. Claimed on a NJ Business Show we'd always have inflation as if it's hopeless money works for everbody. But then that was the message Business Paid For and I suggest be put to rest as we've known generations.πŸ‘Ž 

    The whole idea UNIONS have to keep fighting for a minimum wage is ridiculous and always been A HOAXWith  Canadian wavePERIOD

And Howard Cossell back to you. 


GOD Damned

Mate! !!!

UNIONS already established minimum standards, so for both sides to pay for lawyers is legal mismanagement. Everyone nicely primed to disbar historically alongside Roy Cohn? Everyone?

 Weather adjusts when Arctic overheated and claiming otherwise historically proven the maladjusted destruction of America from within. VERDICT: 

DON'T FORGET GEORGE FLOYD Footage was good. Police Motorcycles entering and fine staged confrontation. A period of time managed for an expression of the grievances in broad statements at 23:00. 

    Where a few days ago the AFTRA striking writers were a small portioned placement on half the broad sidewalk unable to specifically seen exactly what faceless entity positioned themselves with luxury's fine bureaucratic buildings. 

    Like when Gays or anyone protests against walled-off indifferently placed interests. The Giuliani Administration created pens for holding their calculated pictured enemies during their New York Presidential Convention hurricane crossed Central Florida not once but back-and-forth. In fact violent theatrical demonstrations were already accomplished in Times Squareand legally processed as squared away. So writers aren't fools. Walk the entire block and what? They'd have confronted the tourists formed into lines under the big screens telling them it's all imagery and who gives a dman really what's designed. We can pay for anything and make it worth virtually nothing. A is America and I doubt we're meant to notaries above all this GOD DAMNED DOUBT the idiots who managed themselves into control can't just manage themselves out. GUESS WHO SAVED ALL THE GOD DAMNED MONEY?

Mr. Kuby as is obvious, lawyers know scheming reaches a point, that no matter how dramatic, a judge is in on approving the motion's invalidity too. Chicago 8's BlackMan chained for being aggressively withheld for centuries and reacting naturally? You betcha. Bunch of hippies dramatized an older generation forced to not give up their hypocrites' clothes. Appointing that last enshrined nakedly self-indulgent barbarous queen King Dump.

Contemporary History Exposes Big-Oil Dripping Generations of Drool All Over The World

From the Pinheaded Executive Status Trumps Anything Class. The ONE that damages you and your husband's reputations because the pettiness has thrived generations. Sitting at the top is categorically on top of laurels all for self at this point. Thomas "Sanford" Lake prancing across Reed's lap. Sitting in Reed Fraasa's Office listening, I felt the thread of deceit clearly about me. That "why didn't you tell me" when I told the Argentinian I want your money settled. I'm not comfortable having told you the Housing Crisis would happen years before. A casual dinner with her friends in Westchester, where a wife is known to blame her husband for being involved. letting it happen. The man who hit the jackpot wanted it seen and stopped. And Lehman Executives got out with proceeds before the fall. However polished corruption isn't faced by the EXECUTIVE CLASS. Conservative vacuum, Mark Simmons?

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