Tim Raines, Ken Burns and I

Let me apply for Patrick Henry Liberty, to ask: Please Allow Me To Repeat Myself. 

    Eight Men Outthe John Sayles film on how players were labelled behind corruption. And the Cultural Facade used to lure children to believe the beginnings of organized crime and ruthless public enforcement didn't combine. From which Americans are given bling to relish their good rewards that were/are denied labor that does the actual work involved beyond manipulating the economics of ownership. 
    Such as BLACKS who built this country for all time. And not for the (I'm not so) racists. Hiding behind their well laundered clothes where that's the case. Because Americans have found so many places to hide in their cars, we're labelled too stupid to want electric charges in every oil spilling Earth ruining putrid oil Service Station. 
    The oil? Planet better off evolving where it is and anyone thinking otherwise likes history written by the lying Tom Cruises of the world framed to be admired for shallowness with a smile.

    Once upon a time, PBS, lifetime corporate subsidized, film documentary producer and director Ken Burns was walking south on Greene Street and I, standing west on Broome, was sighted looking and he eyed me with the Andrew Cuomo glare of disdain and my eyes dropped with a grin. Burns didn't include TIM RAINES in his gigantic baseball film, so he deserves my assaulting him over relevant concerns of perhaps more importance than his National Homage of Himself Imagery. Sells require.  Face performance.   American Music History (Burns deserves Grand Ole Opry shame) was angled to have less than enough market inroads for more substantial change. National train grid system for cars to fit in instead of complain our planners designed them to have accidents together. Like Ken Burns and PBS?

 Not quite. 

    Our country's prejudiced dynamics. STAX RECORDS Interview Show also nicely mentions David Letterman House Band members. Bassist Will Lee having given me the sweetest of nods two blocks up, and one over, from where Burns sealed himself in Dick "White Elitist" Clark imagery. In prima donna facelessness and indifferent personal well-paid madness. 

    Twisting American imagery irresponsibly as to what Americans are trained to believe is impossible to face. Like following that idiot Scientologist, religiously in Movie Theaters propping up the witless dynamic. L. Ron Hubbard another rich like the Big-Oil tycoons alone with their drugs chosen for them hyped up on the HIGH SEAS. Why this film ends with  Groucho (not Karl) Marx mocking everything as his yacht sinks ending this film in homage to what full self-discovery will some day really mean.  Once idiots are flattened to their place historically. Just singers in rock and roll bands.

    Flying all over the place in Military Hijinks Madness that Americans are encouraged to pay for. More GOD Damned false facelessness. No matter how prettily identified shit-face CRUISE. Americans can't take it? Jack Nicholson told you Cracker shit head. Americans can't handle the truth but they must handle you GOD damned liar priclk Scientologist mystery of hiding monety while Tom's higher than the shit he's left covering up for any sin he can represent smiling IN THE SHIT.

    Not wanting Americans thinking in mentalities of circumspection. You dunce that CANADA loves being SHAMED, Shit-Head. Idiot danced on Oprah's couch. Really necessary, I explain? If so, have fun. The idiot shrivels money and women's personal lives for enjoyment. Two, for publicly sure. That  no matter how well off, they only had real careers after their lives took off from that teenage pimp made accessible to children. 

    BAN idiot TOM CRUISE who has no place in defining American homes as abandoned by that demon slave labor organization pretending religion's their network DOMINATING HOLLYWOOD REAL ESTATE all over town. 

 GOD damned right the King of Queens 
took your Queen off the board for anyone's own. But especially not your stand for anything all alone association of idiots demanding people act superior. No? Bullshit. Your people can't even face other people and be trusted. I've watched, not your asshole but I've seen.

    Dick Clark butt-buddy Ken Burns didn't really face that integration through   Jackie Robinson broke down BLACK CULTURAL ECONOMICS one more time again. Just as even if his opinion was too obviously hiding prejudice, a liar at least would have tried. Bought opinion is of a certain stench. 

    I do LIKE all Ken Burns, and his brother's and sycophants, entire teamwork of production. Baseball? Go to ____. 

 Tim Raines The Soapbox View

    Johnny Litton, historically, wins Seminole High School Starting Quarterback Assignment from (racist or just imperialist) Uncle of Major Hollywood Agent. Who'd continued his brother's and #Jack Whigham's father's legacy of Whites can't even let Whites replace Whites when the tradition's BLACKS are pretended only achieving second place. Johnny ably quarterbacked the Ninth Grade team, Tim Raines halfbacked on, before the well-bred team went on to high school infamous glory as among the best that didn't win the State Title that year. The star glorified lineman, MIKE GOOD, of asphalt family planet fame, insisted he and Buddy Lake's racist son hoover me to a porno film and insisted I sit next to a teacher they obviously wanted framed homosexual. As written, I've seen idiots achieving their mediocre lot thinking it funny I watched a lot. 

    From the everything used against me no matter how, denial indifferent, LEGACIES FRAME THEMSELVES file. Who is Jack WhighamHow did the railways contribute to Florida's tourism industry?


Meet Johnny Depp's talent manager.

    According to Sportskeeda, Jack is someone who's worked closely with Johnny. Johnny's limited celebrity is the just enough Hunter S. Thompson friend to hide his LIGHT behind his self indulgent used backwater Kentucky character as superficially portrayed between the publicity lines. Ole Kentucky home to racist Mitch McConnell who denies Women's Choice (5/15/2023 Welcome To Damage Control Monday) could have solved the victim problem with abortion on their own long ago once their witches learn to cope with their illustrious damned kingdom COME that overprices even babies healths. 

    Pervert McConnell's wife's father has spilled oil all over the world for GENERATIONS. Her, Elaine Chao's, battling knights screwing each other, and US, on her back. Elaine "perpetual grin" Chao down on America in luxurious splendor. Farming out your Black Supreme Court Justice Whore to more of your GOD damned ignorant for the masses friends ... . Psychological reprobates when it comes to politics. But rule? Keep powerfully messing but  

Professor Giving Fairly Accurate  
Communist Capital Evolution View. 
Socialism fills in the blanks.

    So the anyway. Elitist (Mil. Indus. Co(n)m.) Central Florida spawned mailroom up sperm-bacteria Jack Whigham: Managing partner of the Range Media Talent Agency. No longer necessary atop hugest worldwide talent rep agency. Their wings spread! Robert Redford's? No. Robert Redford's fault? Only half likely after all. Funny the Rupert Murdoch minion/editor laughed that I wanted The New York Times Ad to pursue Redford for a Hammer film role publicly.  Always the effort portray not good enough. "Has been." "But the history," I said. Pity the pit his information was drawn on about me. 

     And now known as humiliated talent agent Jack Whigham in Hollywood. Interestingly enough, he’s also related to an actor named Shea Whigham, (shallow nepotism or not!) who appeared in a movie called City of Lies back in 2018 alongside Johnny. 

Prison  Industrial Complex, Wage Slavery and we're on the same page(s) he throws together in 60 Minutes
Put us "in the grave before" we "sell out BLACK PEOPLE."
 Another American Hero deemed unworthy of wide visibility for STUCK UP America's lost consciences. Died young, as did Billie Holliday in similar circumstances, in NYC, where entertainers worked if the mob was okay with it. Both in and out of organized crime's criminally insane structure of harmful fun among friends. Hit teams either finding or planting (decent enough or not) drugs on the victim. Making sure the sweet grasses were shorted BLACKS and high became heroin's battleground.     Lost souls, baselessly hating people, found a fondness in America's offended. Creating our Criminal Enterprise System. Legitimate and or otherwise, it all fed on itself. Paying itself as another way money doesn't functionally fully circulate. Blaxploitation films were how craziness was adapted so at least some money remained in Harlem from the mob's grasp. Functionally Sicilians positioned to resume the tactic of death to eliminate an opposition when no one's trusted. This patterned behavior should never rule. Yet Thomas Dewey ran for republican President and made deals with Lucky Luciano he penned for prostitution Lucky's well documented having nothing to do with. In other words America's drug round-robin was cultural disfunction of the elites interwoven money grabs. Lock up some BLACKS, problem gores away. Right, WHITE AMERICA? Not facing what denial's done over and over again and you, you were GOD damned too satisfied to elect that Cracker Liar president. Ooo, judging before GOD is how we're all judged. I may accuse, but I'm not judging anyone, per se.
     The so many times BLACKS were ground down and then just a drug, that among their White Friends is known can be stabilized with their money. High incarnation times and rates keep prices high for Americans not paying our own secret policeman enough to have more to do than making worse lives worse and Fentanyl from China in US? People? Bad two wrongs make what? Make all of us idiots obeying idiots. 
    People everywhere did/do these things that happen, such that even the DUMPSTER Trump can blame China and be half right. Except their already exaggerated Stalinist formation was made pure mediocre by adapting to ours. Sold down the river, believing cars mean access to status. When it just means we are in trouble because people didn't give enough of a GOD DAMNED about the planet. GET IT?     
    Back to Sanford's midget headsPUBLIC CAN REALIZE WHAT THE TWO WHITE (Metropolitan Lake Mary/Sanford spawned) WHIGHAM BROTHERS probably insist for themselves and their ancestry, that they and ancestors never face what their meaningless hidden racist agenda led lives really mean(t) to GOD, the World, + me in their little world. Associatively hidden within the Military Industrial Complex's known insensitive areas of shamed expertise. Big, huge grounds and huge parking lots surrounding the BOMBSPHERE'S collection of mediocre well-fed subsidiaries. Militarism educating our lower economic strata is good. But the rewards are shriveled by people who think Money, Guns and Money  is all the law, and lawyers, are for. Who were over 90% of Congress reduced to above 50% like Germans pretending they were lost in tourist traps pretending to hide their racisms in the Andes while vacationing their wastes all over the world. No ELECTRIC CHARGE IN FUEL OIL STATIONS? They own to rule the world in destructive mediocrity. Face history now or its condemnation's on all the generations _ssholes. As Vonnegut illustrated for the world to GOD damn face. info@vonnegutlibrary.org 

6/7/2023 Kurt Vonnegut Museum FACEBOOK page - The Soapbox View Comment

    Probably(?), orbitally, behind that Reed Fraasa is his Seminole Community College mentor Elizabeth, who'd introduced him to me with a picture on her desk. Liz nodded approval of her idiot's shared driving to take me back to New York. First trip alone, Reed bought the good YES tickets seats and denied being able to see Chris Squire stare in my eyes for an abnormally long period of time starting the show. Close enemy no? 

    Reed Fraasa, of Bob Murphy's Don't Identify Jersey as understanding BIG-OIL's ripoff. Governorship, GOLDMAN AND SACKS, revolving Chris Christie's wife's butt's washing the floor. Why? Just disgusting these people skate on the money kept from circulation and blame everyone else we're not there blowing them under their desks. Right. Even self-righteous Christains. PEOPLE HAVE PARTICIPATED IN SOPHISTICATED BARBARISM AND RUINING THE WORLD. Face it, or ...     Reed "had to" introduce me to a man whose daughter later said she'd been encouraged, by her father Ken Sandon, to accuse me of predatory crap. Only thing I ever found with his name on the Internet, is some friend's claim he's known as a "good Christian." Not even in my frame of reference was he more than controlling church experiences around me. Devilish looking troll, Ken Sandon, Reed and Elizabeth's Sanford friend? His big event was his father had to meet me in their yard on elite Melonville Road's Luxury Class Strip of Wealth Stripped from circular flow. Nearby neighbor's home.  

    Further understanding of that liar, about me, includes a person I worked with, when working for David Decker Central Florida Plants. He told, when he understood the lie, how that man facilitated a woman hating me, that the worker lived across the hall from and I'd flirted with in high school.  "Jesus Save Us." 

    Channels clear for delineating more stars whose overall careers are despicably reduced to fabricatemediocre American imagery. 

    And so? Face it. Jim Morrison crazy? Morrison was wild and killed self alienated from band in Paris? It's written about the wondering conspiracy of how so many in music were parented by military parents. Well? 

Feel like I'm livin' under some kind of hex
Livin' in here in this industrial military complex
Doesn't really help when I read Time magazine
Cause they only distort the scene
The sky is so hazy I can't even see the sun
Livin' here is like livin' under a gun
I really do wonder 'bout the United Nations
Why don't they face the situations

I'm a troubadour
Lookin' for a dream
I'm a troubadour
Lookin' for some dream

Lord, I'm so tired of payin' all of these dues
From Sunday to Sunday all I hear is bad news
Tired of the war and those industrial fools
Got to make it better cause I've got nothin' to lose

Ain't too clear to pay my income taxes
'Specially when I know it goes to kill the masses
Love to hear the President make it perfectly clear
How the donkeys and the elephants are police up here

I'm a troubadour
Lookin for a dream
I'm a troubadour
Lookin for some dream

Lord, I'm so tired of payin' all of these dues
From Sunday to Sunday all I hear is bad news
Tired of the war and those industrial fools
I've got to make it better cause I've got nothin' lose
Won't somebody help me cause I've gotten in my shoes
Those industrial military complex blues
- - -

    THE DOORS opened doors and the Military Industrial Complex's need to keep their doors shut points to a lot of destruction caused by just their intentions. Barbiturates and delirium drugs mixed with people delirious for a good time watching wantonness. Hippies saw that and DIGGERS gave a funeral for the departed image. Yep. THE ESTABLISHMENT? Conspiratorial Enterprise. 

    This agent WHIGHAM, his father the quarterback in the 5th Chapter Hammer and Cycle Sanford, Florida scene. As nameless as their faceless scheming in proximity to me. THIS HOLLYWOOD AGENT refused to do anything for their own satellite Sanford Gigilo Drew Bongianni.  The  among many probably, that the better drug-fed SANFORD CHILDISH EXECUTIVE JOB-Providing CLASS SET UP operate. Sliding executives across job placements in a feud that results too much in companies not run from the ground up in promotions unless LIP SERVICE as per usual. 

    Across the country executives are removed as capable from their bottom up positions that are just chances the corporations's executives can't afford in their short long terms. The only people attacked in yesterday's essay that lead to Soapbox View's current FACEBOOK suspension. I've not bothered to check on. Better probably that enough of their friends are notified I need to be hated more openly.

    That Whigham probably runs Stars as Robert Redford's career was detoured from insightful big productions of substance. His last depicted stranded on an island all alone. Where financing  expresses me as well in the mediocrity of America just owned for an Executive Class' Success.Care about company? These people now designated BY THEIR SUPREME COURT as having all the force of the protected individual THESE CONSTITUTIONAL PEOPLE made up something that wasn't written ORIGINALLY into the Constitution for a reason. Their excuse for the inability to pay attention? The Chief Justice can't get the Black Man's little jurisprudence out of his mouth, they're so enraptured dirtying up the Cloak Room for someone else to get underpaid to clean up.

    That lark that Hollywood needs another Festival finding the best, for the corporate menagerie to BUY OFF. Association With Conservation's Celebrity Imagery Run Ground As Done to Robert Redford's Perpetually Able Mighty Reputation. ... but nothing ... 

    WHIGHAM FAMILY, didn't investigate, but their satellite status is assured by behavior. SANFORD home to Zimmerman Courthouse Racist Warfare and MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Rules World For Pleasure with nothing but respect for money and the casualty made of AMERICAN FREEDOM by their pinheadedness. UNCLE SCREAMED WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE In Chemistry Class where he sat next to poor soul-forgiven Buddy Lake's close enough racist son. Their Reed "delirious on the Walll Street stash, anyway, Bob Murphy/Goldman Sacks Playboy"  Fraasa even achieved a high school award for their devotion to Sanford White Supremacy. Mine for waving that snout of his around me at both a YES and a Genesis concert. When I told him I don't ask Liz's menagerie for anything, he said "that's a disgusting attitude. You pimp still with bicoastal Hollywood Drew who was apparently fooled by you to play with my financing as if I'm illiterate with money. Drew and reed, probably have that same impatient look when neither can get their zippers open fast enough. Why talk like that? Unfortunately I sense people not fully understanding how corrupt these people around me really were on behalf of friends who've killed historical figures for a living. Oh yeah. Linking now so the Secret Service can have me arrested for making these accusations and allowing the President of the United States to have access. If I'm putting people at risk I should be jailed. At least accept people have done very bad things fr which they deserve condemning. GOD DAMNED RIGHT. PUBLIC SPHERE those liars can be relieved of duty masturbating their machines to kill the very assets they pretend to own for not just their healths. But as history discloses, lying for centuries didn't change.  And if you want the winds of change to blow about you? - THE MOODY BLUES - - - And from me to Hall of Fame sponsor Rolling Stone Magazine, that didn't care much for Progressive Rock. Actual Literary Agent Andrew Wylie told me ya'll _ssholes can lick your own too like Hollywood Corporate Programmers who play funny money for a living. LET'S ALL PLAY !!! 

Power Corrupts Penis Envy Absolutely

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Fine Society’s Debtors Prison 

  Covering the class action lawsuit of lead plaintiff Richard Earl Garrett against the town of Harpersville, Ala, New York Times reporter, ETHAN BRONNER, essentially described how today debtors prisons evolved from our communities’ dependence on revenue. Titled Probation Fees Rise, Firms Profit and the Poor Go to Jail, besides Mr. Garrett’s decade of public debt turmoil, a woman is told about who was fined $179 for speeding and then failed to show up in court because the ticket bore the wrong date so her license was revoked. When pulled over the next time, of course, driving without a license, her fees had added up to more than $1,500. Unable to pay, she was handed over to a private probation company and jailed and charged an additional fee for each day behind bars.
  Lisa W. Borden, a partner in Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Camp; Berkowitz, a large law firm in Birmingham, Ala., has spent a great deal of time on the issue. Her assessment is, “With so many towns economically strapped, there is growing pressure on the courts to bring in money rather than mete out justice. Companies they hire are aggressive. Those arrested are not told about the right to counsel or asked whether they are indigent or offered an alternative to fines and jail. There are real constitutional issues at stake.”
  The Times reporter notes half a century ago in a landmark case, the Supreme Court ruled the accused had to be provided a lawyer if they could not afford one. But in misdemeanors, the right to counsel is rarely brought up, even though defendants run the risk of jail. While probation companies promise revenue to the towns, saying they also help offenders, defendants still often end up lost in a legal Twilight Zone.
  William M. Dawson, a Birmingham lawyer and Democratic Party activist, filed the lawsuit for Mr. Garrett and others against the local authorities and the probation company, Judicial Correction Services that’s based in Georgia. Interviewed, Mr. Dawson said, “The Supreme Court has made clear that it is unconstitutional to jail people just because they can’t pay a fine.” Something most all of us had seemed to already accept as part of a civilized society.
  In Georgia three dozen for-profit probation companies operate in hundreds of courts where there have been similar lawsuits. In one suit an Iraq war veteran, who lost his job, was jailed for failing to make $860 a month child support payments. Another victim of circumstances, with a monthly income of $243 in veterans’ benefits, was charged with public drunkenness, assessed $270 by a court and put on probation through a private company. The company added a $15 enrollment fee and $39 in monthly fees. That put his total for a year above $700, which the person struggled to meet before being jailed for failing to pay all his debt.
  John B. Long, a lawyer in Augusta, Georgia, who is taking the issue to a federal appeals court this fall said, “These companies are bill collectors, but they are given the authority to say to someone that if he doesn’t pay he is going to jail. There are things like garbage collection where private companies are O.K. No one’s liberty is affected. The closer you get to locking someone up, the closer you get to a constitutional issue.”
  The issue of using courts to produce income was investigated in a recent study by the nonpartisan Conference of State Court Administrators, “Courts Are Not Revenue Centers.” The report said in traffic violations, “court leaders face the greatest challenge in ensuring that fines, fees and surcharges are not simply an alternate form of taxation.”
  Plus Scott Vowell, the presiding judge of Alabama’s 10th Judicial Circuit, said his state’s legislature, like many, was pressuring courts to produce revenue, and that some legislators even believed courts should be financially self-sufficient.
  A Fine Society.
  The Times article also noted a 2010 study, by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, that examined the fee structures in 15 states, including California, Texas and Florida, with the largest prison populations. The sudy found, “Many states are imposing new and often onerous ‘user fees’ on individuals with criminal convictions. Yet far from easy money, the fees impose severe and often hidden costs on taxpayers and indigent people convicted of crimes. Creating new paths to prison for those unable to pay their debts by making it harder to find employment and housing as well as meeting child support obligations.”
  Over a decade ago many states abandoned pursuing misdemeanor fees because it was time-consuming and costly. Companies such as Judicial Correction Services saw an opportunity by charging public authorities nothing and making their money adding fees onto the defendants bills. 
  Yale Law School’s Stephen B. Bright, president of the Southern Center for Human Rights, said courts were increasingly using fees “for such things as retirement funds for various court officials, law enforcement functions such as police training and crime laboratories, victim assistance programs and even courts’ computer systems. In one county in Pennsylvania, 26 different fees totaling $2,500 are assessed in addition to the fine.”
  Mr. Dawson’s Alabama lawsuit also alleges that Judicial Correction Services does not discuss alternatives to fines or jail and that its training manual “is devoid of any discussion of indigency or waiver of fees.”
  In a joint telephone interview, two senior officials of Judicial Correction Services, Robert H. McMichael, its chief executive officer, and Kevin Egan, its chief marketing officer, rejected the allegations. 
  They said the company does try helping those in need, but that the authority to determine who is indigent is the court’s and not the company’s. “We hear a lot of ‘I can’t pay the fee,” Mr. Egan said adding, “It is not our job to figure that out. Only the judge can make that determination.” Mr. Egan said, “Our job is to keep people out of jail. We have a financial interest in getting them to comply. If they don’t pay, we don’t get paid.” Mr. Bright, of the Southern Center for Human Rights, complained that with the private companies seeking a profit, courts in need of income and the most vulnerable caught up in the system, “we end up balancing the budget on the backs of the poorest people in society.”
The Fine Society's Debtors Prison
7/13/2012 concluded: Mr. Bright, of the Southern Center for Human Rights, complained that with the private companies seeking a profit, courts in need of income and the most vulnerable caught up in the system, “we end up balancing the budget on the backs of the poorest people in society.”

March 14 - 29, 2016
Bob Herbert's excellent documentary.
Genius @ financing crime, not solutions.
  The Fine Society's not as fine as it should be. Though as polished as only success can be. The problem's not that we can't dig deeper for a handle on the bottom line. The divvy up's just stuck in divvy up.
  Sigh. We all like waking to feeling bad things aren't happening in our directions. In our way. But that it happens at all is a neglect that's gone unfazed because immorality's to blame. What a dodge. Another one Allah/God probably didn't think up for us. Another juicy conundrum thought up all on our own. Dismissing Matthew 7:1, judge not, that ye be not judged. 
  Enforcing crime's a protection from having not solved the dilemma's roots. But don't scapegoat cops, or anyone. No one particularly designed our cultural flaws that everyone needs benevolently gotten innocently through to an end to the dehumanized Criminal Enterprise System. Let's Get Civilized

Sold Judge Gorsuch and
What Eating Your Leveraged Sandwich Means

  Fed digestible sound bytes. Dialogue's become extremely crafted presentation. Response, an edged approach. Agitation a format. ...
  Straight-laced's a plus. But, to start, the candidate for the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch, does seem to restore the patriarchy with a subtle grace behooving such a powerful blow. Technically: Ethical, but another endorser of the Criminal Enterprise System. Except that the court's responsibility is to face the truth. Not stretch principle to endorse mere veneers of respectability and practicality that choke life of all its' beneficial diversity. Liberal and responsible and not just contrarian ruthless harda__.  
  And that's how it goes with this issue considered bigger than all of us. The methodology behind criminalizing behavior to enforce an ideal of moral rectitude, that's not only indifferently judgmental, but self-flagellating all across the board populated by finks and desperate, even conspiring legal, characters. 

some brooks babble more than others
Politics and Sports!
Poll Says 70% of Country Approves of our 
President's State of the Union Address 

  Tuesday, February 28, 2017, President Trump presented a more polished list of promises, that's said to have been worked over by his daughter Ivanka. Morning News Radio, I heard, suggested issues were talked about when what each point had in common was their just being mentioned, as usual. Aren't we redundant? Such as suggesting "clean water" when business before ecology interests are already shown to be of paramount concern to the administration. An antagonistic essayist might suggest the president is mocking ecological interests. As if swiping the nuisance off with the back of an empirical hand. 
  Not that business interests aren't important. It's just, as in the case of West Virginia, where enough profit wasn't reinvested to distance that state from dependence upon coal jobs when cleaner methods of fuel usage have been developed for a few decades at least. West Virginia University makes runs at national collegiate sports championships, (Final 16, 2017). But the state's lack of economic diversity, and grassroots strength, is the sore spot everywhere else as well. 
  But I digressed. The speech's only declaration that received full bipartisan applause, lauded a fallen soldier whose sacrifice will be honored "for eternity." Directly ignoring the basis behind which the jargon entrenched religious war festers. That people need brought out of the fog from. "Love thine enemies" disregarded, and chest beating religious war, the cause behind all our becoming kindling for the causes. End the Cycle of Revenge.
  Of course the big issue, as huge financial nut, is Health Care. Insurance technically succeeded as socialism for the rich without the bottom line drain caused by the poor. But over the decades insurance was the excuse for charging more, such that cost had no real relation to affordability, for anyone, at all. Leaving us with a system whereby doctors as an individual entity have no real power. A labyrinth of bureaucracy that's not faced as government's the convenient scapegoat for bureaucratic failure. Obamacare's compromise with an industrial skim is, most probably, being replaced by yet another skim.
  So just as bankers bail out businesses when too big to fail, the American public has to bail out the promises. While where credit's taken, is what the people get.

My Satisfaction With Tim Raines' Induction Into The Baseball Players Hall of Fame 

  Late September 1976, the season's first Sanford Seminole High School Seminoles football game, versus Oviedo, was my first and, possibly, last sidebar interview as a sportswriter. The Sanford Herald's Head Sportswriter complimented me for getting an interview with Tim Raines, who'd been reluctant to give interviews since, as Tim told me, no one ever quoted him accurately. Though still just a senior in high school. The plight of the local sports hero. Right. You can hear everyone not crying in unison over that one. But something he genuinely felt.
  Anyway. Since my high school swim coach, Coach Terwilliger, told Tim, the year before, that I'd concerned myself with our dual meet schedule so Tim would have at least one school team winning season to appreciate team success, Tim stunned me by preparing a place in front of his locker for, me to sit and, us to talk all alone after the locker room cleared. Fond memory of how neighbor, Kenny Lee, was go between, because I was too shy to ask or politically shrewd because everyone liked Kenny. While protocol tends toward song and dance.
  But what happened was, during the game, someone told me that, as a sportswriter, I had access to behind the end zone, when no one else did, and what I saw literally amazed me. Tim running very fast around right end, at mid-field, evaded a reach by instantly accelerating to extremely fast and that touchdown blew me away. But I went into a funk for weeks, knowing Tim had a bright future. The idea of his success ground down my pursuit of outside endeavors, understanding my allegiance was to studying history. 
  So as Tim's career was misshapenly portrayed as having fallen short of the hall, I bothered to know better. Owners scapegoating players for rising consumer prices is when Tim sacrificed his prime-of-life numbers to stand firm for the rights of players who'd invested their lives in the game. So when it's said Tim finally made the hall, my belief is he was always there. It's just the real numbers, recognizing that fact, finally grew up. Huh, sportswriters?

Thursday, June 29, 2023

New York City's Prestigious ABC-7 News Journalist Sade Baderinwa

Time flies and ambitions require so much direct involvement. So realizing the, pictured left, television celebrity must know celebritized Elton John Band Baltimore Band member, Guy Babylon? Ms. Baderinwa's town. Well, pleasantly thinking at least admiring one news reader won't necessarily disrupt my objectivity that much. I don't kid myself. Can't imagine recusing myself from watching, and scapegoating her for all my typing errors is scapegoatingGuy Babylon and I years ago, late 1970s knew Elton was ahead of time.
    Journalism, Fall 1976, I saw Tim Raines' ability for The Hall and ended up moving on after the one interview basically figuring out how getting to my own hall tooTim and I did talk in Yankee Stadium once, and on phone to Shea Clubhouse. Best honor? Only television journalist granted three Law and Order set visits.
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Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System

Criminal Enterprise Syste !!! --- --- --- >>> >>> ...  

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Absolutely Tragic Trayvon Martin Case 

  Yahoo! News headline, Witnesses Change Stories Ahead of Zimmerman Trial, followed Central Florida’s Orlando Sentinel coverage sharing recordings reviewing discovery process material released by the special prosecutor’s office last week. A gripping announcement that four witnesses have already vacillated on projected testimony before trial. While what the Sentinel’s recordings reveal is scared anxious people sound culturally trapped too.
  The even more local Sanford Herald notes more details of why there apparently was a fight. Regardless. That this is very bad probably ran through everyone’s head from the tragedy’s onset through Cause célèbre. A bad thing, far from the right thing, except, now we’re publicly told, the defendant possibly showed no remorse at the scene. Information apparently from that witness’ second questioning, not the first. Nuances that can go on and on, and will as Trayvon was from Miami so George had less reason to believe Trayvon should be in his neighborhood, the gated community.
  There are traces of marijuana found in the victim’s blood and his suspension from school for the substance is why he was in Sanford to begin with. Adapting to a counter-culture accoutrement descended from African-American jazz musician progenitors, Trayvon, a teenager can now be inadvertently scapegoated for the militarized drug war. Justice as a points system is why racism lingered even after America woke from virtually sleeping on prejudice for a century(s). I just don’t see condemning this poor confused man fixing injustice that’s society’s fault Mr. Zimmerman grew into this tragedy. His simmering prejudicial hostility didn’t just peak that day during the 911 call.
  For an insightful mid-April national discussion, Professor Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown University is featured on CBS-Television’s Face The Nation pointing out black folks usually have to follow what the police tell them or they’re in real trouble while George Zimmerman ignored the police instruction not to follow.
  But I’m personally for releasing Mr. Zimmerman yesterday if in setting him free, the guilt was collectively felt for what caused this crime. Doesn’t matter how confused the defendant ever was, odds unfortunately favor he remains a victim too.
Absolutely Tragic Trayvon Martin Case
5/23/2012 concluded: But I’m personally for releasing Mr. Zimmerman yesterday if in setting him free, the guilt was collectively felt for what caused this crime. Doesn’t matter how confused the defendant ever was, odds unfortunately favor he remains a victim too. 
Bike Couriers Finish Steve The Greek's Memorial Ride
The Memorial Service For Stephen 
"Steve The Greek" Athineos
"Rest In Peace Steve. We all loved you." Sheila
  Yeah so, on the family's ride, northwest corner of 70 and Lex, a civilian expletively taunted, "come back here" and last around I remarked, "It's not necessary." Cars didn't honk. Saturday probably. Even the police didn't appear giving your ride a thumbs up. Bikes were raised three different times and flowers adorn Madison and Lexington landmark lamps and your ride was smooth, Steve. You're the bumpy part.
Jan. 12 - Feb. 12, 2016
Defying The Medical Machine by Noam Scheiber 
in The New York TimesTell people what they don't want to know. Because, liked or not, in sports vernacular, politicized jargon has to be sucked upSoapbox View 

The Absolutely Tragic Trayvon Martin Case

  Well. Was May 23rd, 2012's lenient reasoning just twisted excuses? And, to be expected from a Sanford Seminole High School1975 co-Most Valuable Male Swimmer's attitude on the causes and aftermaths of situations like this, that happened inSanford, Florida. But fathom my disappointment in racism's complacent acceptance, that were pathological ancestors' fraught-jul traitsstill conveniently pretended to not still be the entrenched bitterness still in the way. Blah blah blah. Blah as generally no one hears what they don't want bothering them. 
  Imagining things are better, means its not enough. Better's not over. Nor could such vehemence exist all over the world, on so many, supposedly, separate, undermining levels, if the unprincipledness of prejudice weren't still too intact.

Political Pirouette

  Equate welfare with socialism for the rich. Yes. I know continue to site candidate Ben Carson candidly points out economics is about class, not race. Mmm. "Prolific" and up for an Oscar too, or I missed something embellishing? Because, though exaggeration's hopelessly obvious when gauging presidential candidates, we certainly seem to not only thrive, but survive on hype?
  So however moot it may seem, to wonder about equating welfarewith socialism for the rich plus corporate welfare? Still, re-weighing these scruples is important to deciding the untouched principle on 40 Acres And A Mule is not as golden as white rule allied with how much some people really aren't interested because, yep, that's just politics. 
  The renewal of fiscal sincerity is profound. But modified into scapegoat bellyaching? It's evidence of a perpetual beating, and reviving, that welfare horse like a political mule that can't die nor ever outlive its usefulness so must be pulled across no matter what. Socialism's not the only archaic redundancy being flaunted about. Take note that however conveniently shrewd public opinion's carved its not just a business. PR charade. Façade covering the real goods. These bargains of redundant oaths the public's easily convinced of and controlled by, are also the cracks in our imagery faking historical memory that future generations will recall as what ours wouldn't face in all our self-congratulatory glory. Because one thing this whole world's already quite renowned for is telling some really huge whoppers.
  Meaning symbols evolve. For example this, supposedly, theoretically, diametric fact from the world's casebook on designing history in your own images. Lenin's dictatorship of the proletariat and primacy of political committee over citizens' fates was an outline for revolution, not government. Historians know that. Political preaching's a whole other ballgame. Stalinesque political gestures having far outlived that man's lifetime. So the point, basically, is the Bolshevik Revolution outlived its practical usefulness to the Russian Revolution exactly when the event started.
  So. There's no plain explanation for how this redundantly, endless, generational tug-of-war over what capitalism means indicatesprogress. Capitalism is socialism as the pinnacle of either economic philosophy's proper functioning is complete circulation. The conservative panacea? Money circulates. If only the problem was just waste everything would be instantly solved. Just keep wasting money. Then at least some would infiltrate the economy-at-large as President Reagan intoned was and is still really the only solution as it is reality. We've got the up part, but down's clogged that we'll eventually get to when we can afford it or train people to be better cogs? While, in the meantime, so d_____ proud of our successful accomplishments. No kidding homelessness isn't a source of direct profit. Just not as participatory or engagingly entertaining as war. Yet at root the real cause of all the world's bitter jealousies. 
  It's like a big joke where no one connects the dots that the bottom rung's been removed from the perpetually falling financial ladder's ledger. Nothing to win but debt you can't sell. Goodwill isn't charity. It's caring for where society's soul's collapsed.
  But soon illusion'll clear, perhaps. When the politically confused are convinced? When the sky's completely droned over delivering consumables to the inside world writing code? When the complaint will still be ordinary people still don't want to work. 
  Socialism? Don Quioté didn't even know he was also a windmill too. And all this present-day confusion surrounding us now will pass too as had that noble warrior's gallant knights' age. So know, remember, whatever. What the future sees is regardless how the world's elites parade their people as guardians of freedom, free enterprise and national fate? Bottom line, all anyone's really sure of is they'd rather not be the yoke.
  Good business can just cut corners? As stock markets plunge following receding oil market stocks. It's not money's limited imagination. Nor finance's limits limiting money's imagination. But the fact straightening your tie'll do it. Because - No one's getting their hands dirty getting their hands dirty. 
  Deceptive practices and misleading sweeping statements are excused as, pragmatically, leverage flows ruthlessly in politics? Basically a rough sport. Beyond the crafted platforms. Still, not the complete point. That there's "a need for necessary toughness" is true. But when solutions are simple, tough's supposed to be resolve. Not arrogantly destructive. Right. Pass the hankies. It's another grand parade of bleeding heart liberals already used again.
  But we're lucky. There seems to be a deserving spot for using Solomonic logic to separate America's political halves rightAgain? Because it's beyond comprehension how there's not resolution, when we're so presently blessed with so many, various, multifarious veneers of effervescent political charm for "the people" to hide behind. Ba dump bump. Cut to the chase. 
  Speaking of hidden behind cultural symbols.  Last time I watched Sean Hannity, he featured, his downright Elmer Fuddianish focused sidekick, Frank Luntz. A veritable watchdog on the "national pulse," tandem-ly opposite Meet The Press' Chuck "Numbers" Todd? So, anyway. Luntz and Hannity were describing, before a board, to a studio and home audience, how what's true doesn't matter when the public's already been effectively convinced of something else. The public opinion marketplace as ridden carthorse? No. Stop it. The man's had abundant opportunity to convince me he's not an idiotYes I've committed the sin of political opposition to Sean. The trouble's finding his middle. Is there a heart to bleed? Yada yada yada.
  So, Americans haven't time to really weigh President Obama's last rhetorically laden, State of the Union Address. The package condensed to portrayals of dogma directed to the American people, garnered by representation sitting stone cold as if solutions are just polishing status' quo. Ooo, right. That sounds how liberals think they would say we say we're demonstrating opposition to our country's never having fully tried solving rich people's problems. Though obvious we don't know much about any problems unless rich people share them. Like fear for the middle class when throughout most of history the rich were today's middle class. The goalposts were moved while everyone claimed to be watching? Correct.
  The economy's almost fixed because learning to share well isn't specifically the problem. Dag nab it though. We're after that economic "wabbit?" That's right. A solution's right there if scapegoats weren't every explanation. 
  Inflation. Just because the solution's not feasibly within reach now doesn't mean its not the solution. Because chasing inflation solves things for some of us while creating more problems formats of us. The constant devaluing of money and pretending the problem's workable has to go. 
  Inflation. Profit derived from riding the skim staying ahead blaming the carthorse for not keeping up with the float. A touch of over-dramatized simplification with icing? When money's completely watched over by a vocation that, coincidently, January 13th, was announced by universities as having a banner year in enrollment for Economist Degrees. Another generation learning success is the strength of your associations (conspiracies) that has nothing to do with money having everything to do with money. 
  Contemplate that maybe America's not just supposed to be a carnival where the show comes to town and packs up after votes are counted and customers settle down till the next carnival comes. That political seasons were always ongoing concerns, and the skies are the entertainment's limit. Where any façade works, except Mayberry? What the? Society cannot become more touchy-feely? Crime, criminality and terrorism's too extreme. Tough and rough. Soft doesn't work. Too many people not to trust. Then, that's the problem. Not how many culprits are thoroughly beaten to a pulp and more, had their dignities challenged. Justice is blind for a reason. To not see what people keep trying to show her. Because it's obviously hard to believe what she hears. And woman because they're progress' barometer. 
  Congress. Nothing changes without your changing the Criminal Enterprise System. Become adults. Face injustice. Consequences are problems, not scapegoats. Not facing problems isn't being tough but rather annoyingly obtuse. Just ask a liberal? Te he he. Well. They're falling over in the aisles if you can get your head out of the mirror. Stare long enough you never see Plato, America. 
  So was it rhetoric's façade that drug me down into competitively going after political conservatives? No. I'd prefer that weren't my game. But when push comes to shove, and independence the short-skirted card? Anyway, I'm registered Republican, as were my parents. A real legacy that's not open to negotiation "as they say." 
  Yeah, poisoned long ago? Past minion re-education redemption. Because contriving general approaches to convenient circumstances is not facing broader issues and a problem reducing support to belief in two cars in the garage? While watching the Super Bowl! Dag nab it, no! There goes that invading liberal guardian angel crap again? But maybe not? I'm not after jargon. I'm after Sean.
  Oh no. Obviously written too blatantly liberal? Maybe I should chant ten Hail Mary Mother of Moneys in redemption. God/Allah forbid that's trending. Well uh? At least what I mean is, people should face some middle-ground? But. Yep. Not while people are so sure-fired worked up to repeat cheerleaders' repetitive cheers, that're obviously substituted for real political discourse, and, or otherwise. Practically token charade where "talking about's" political code for nothing more's mentioned than labels that touch some significance barometer re-heightened only just that week. No matter what conservatives say liberals say conservatives say liberals say conservatives say liberals say ... cheese
  Or, maybe I also have a too liberal fondness for suspicion of smooth conspiracy being granted the benefit of the doubt when rebuilding the earth's machine's been driven in our own craven image? Imagining the planet with Sean's smile? Just look. That air of satisfaction buffered by the bottom line. Too like selling used cars? No! Ba dump bump. Cars are great then they deserve a better legacy than drowning humanity in their consumption. Toyed with oil market be d____d? Try pragmatic rather than its pretension. Because Hype's ahead of Sham into the last turn
  Yeah um. Mr. President. I don't know that in this day and era of bragging, walking on the moon's the best boast. After all a lot of trampling's taken place right around here. It's not as if astronauts brought back take-out food. Well, at least not right away. Just access to more real estate with people still, more or less, just thinking about visiting. No news on who'd run the hotel but surely adjectives abound. There you go. That's a stock all about rising. Not that petty world of subsidized housing while making payments into the financial system on a private car. There's a large so what factor to complaining about what the welfare class accepted in more than just taking the gruff. 
  So there was that brief plug in The President's State of the Union Address calling for updating the world's power and energy use, that he buried behind the redundant "we're best" dogma chanted to a unanimous cheer. That's also, coincidently, a known, verified, aspect of ISIL political culture too. Etc. Will Political Culture’s True Ruthless Face ever be faced?
  Where's Jim Rockford to cloak meaning in metaphor when ya need him? Escapism, sometimes good or bad but just too ambivalent. Ducking out on Congress, imagine that? But not in contempt. Pardon me. 

  Because players making more money wasn't just why ticket prices skyrocketed out-of-touch. Especially when scapegoating's always in season. About time sportswriters face America rather than shielding everyone from the truth about our general judgmental selfish-ness. Tim Raines earned his place in the Hall many times over and d______ right I'm biased. Yes. I know the numbers. And ya'll should be ashamed.
  Ooo. "Too cryptic?" Tell me about it. After watching Tim's acceleration in Seminole High School, I got out of sportswriting's chasing clichés. Have a nice day. 
  And didja know? For Americans gouge the customer came in as retiring on the interest on $100,000 in the bank was going out. Economics have nothing to do with Baseball. Exactly? Tim belongs in that hall more than anyone who's sacrificed for the game after him. For standing in opposition to players having less leverage. While the great hall accomplishment is something Mr. Raines earned on the field
  Right? Tim played his third year for the Yankees at age thirty-nine because George Steinbrenner just liked throwing money around? Finally the rest of the league wouldn't out-bid him, but George finally acquired another star. Isn't that what PR keeps chanting is the hall's purpose? Or it was just coincidence that when Manager Joe Torrecongratulated the Yankees on the steps of City Hall on the occasion of winning Tim's first World Series, Mr. Torre reached for Tim's hand first. 
  Your honors. Prosecution rests.
Exacting justice as revenge avenging desperation's revenge is a cultural flaw law's hardly involved in solving yet expected to supervise paying for The Criminal Enterprise System.
  Let's walk? Gallivant around Sanford. See where Jackie Robinsonwas stopped from playing a simple game of baseball. Or rather one of them. But this one's supposed to be the last before Jacksonville and Deland cancelled. Looking, Sanford Memorial Stadium appears to be just another among many landmarks nations are known for priding on their milestones' ability to convey what real honor is in appreciating the commemoration of what their countries' values were truly meant to mean. 
  Not exactly walking, flying over the past? 
  To the right of the stadium used to be the Sanford Naval Academy. Where the mid-level northern elite sent their troublesome offspring to store out of their hair and keep disciplined. Or at least that was the intention I perceived from information given by a single second-hand witness. Anyway, there used to be a pool right there towards the back of the lot, with what looked like a nice, ole, gone now, small military hanger. That was where the second pool I ever swam in, in that town, used to be. That I can recall. And am fairly sure I swam here first when it was a bigger pool and Sanford Naval Academy was there too. Re-designing a pool smaller? Baffling concept. I also swam here. Including the, probably long gone, dag-gummed airport pool that was the coolest. Isolated. Robert Duvall loved swimming laps there in the morning pleasure-boat factory's, "invisible to the naked eye," polyurethane fumes. "All battles are won in the trenches," the colonel'd say, hanging his head, at the pool's edge, staring into the gutter. "Ready go." 
  But previous to that, I'd quit swimming for the summer of 1972. So jumping back downtown, filling the timeline, there were two tennis courts here, and two now gone baseball fields to the right. Yeah. The dual-courts were where in the summer of 1972, mysteriously, a Hamilton Fish, who might not be Hamilton Fish V, but was the guy at the courts named Hamilton Fish, descended from New York legislative fame, who volleyed there and encouraged David McCook's aggressive tennis stroke. 
  "What time is it Hamilton?" The kids would say, and Hamilton'd answer exactly however minutes and seconds before or after the hour it was. As if time were for calculating and marching on. Time dogmatic grandfathers moved on ahead too? Only the miracle of time-travel correction only happens in the movies. Nothing but time moves forward?
The Great American Maul
  Sanford's dehighwayification of 1st Street epitomized by the empty plaza, pictured left. Is as could be expected, from the comfortably civilized downtown's dis-utilization that reflects Highway I-4's adjacent shopping complex, Seminole Towne Center. Lifting the next centuries atop the 19th shoulders. Ya don't even have to make it up. Sprawl or not to sprawl? That's the answer's question. Whether its nobler to heighten nature's abutments or cover it (the preposition) completely. Asphalt laced cement for everyone everywhere. Then maybe, for sure, the peninsula will float in some such distortion as when progress' glossed over, history's trampled on. 
  All that land plowed under for convenience? People just plain needed one more nearer place to shop between there and Orlando? Another huge place to park? Whole spaces between us filled so that anyone caught in or out of the house is shopping? No? Maybe I do need study as my observation's too idly distant from the subject for my speculative taste. But without speculation there's no digging, and possibilities for miscalculation are endless anyway. 
  So. Causing effect, also speaks to half-cocked people patrolling after half-cocked crooks getting half-cocked kicks from the whole protection racket set up to protect us from ourselves. Guns do go off but people half-cockedCriminal Enterprise System.

  Things change but I could swear this spot looked like this before I was born. Moving through town I can feel the simple businesses suffering with all of us, the simply complicated ethical lapses that are easier accepting as shrewd calculations than missteps beyond our ability to restrain. Maybe. But money doesn't just disappear, yet it's up in smoke they say, gone like with the wind, they say, it's good we digest that. Well. 
  The high school parking lots of America. Long may they wave, sarcastically evoked. 
  This is the intersection in Driver's Ed. where Mrs. Campbell screamed at me to look somewhere and she grabbed for the wheel, making even me realize to tell her to cut it out. It's important to see calmly. Teachers. In all the shoveling money this way and that, the fact people give of their lives to not just teach but understand others is beyond this nonsense of how the funding's split. Arguments among all the scapegoats while kids are blamed for being in the middle? 
  Seriously this used to be townPublix was right there where I worked part-time for sixteen months. Weeks after I quit sportswriting because Tim Raines speed so impressed me as having a future, the assistant manager Larry came to me disappointed because I hadn't told him I'd stopped going to games when all the younger guys wanted that night off too. I was thinking about things. I didn't mind working Friday nights. 
  This is incredible. In my few Google Maps excursions I haven't come across this before. Dag gum. I had tried to plop down on the other half of the highway for a better view up river, but, man. Huh
  I miss traveling through the simple places. You've no business to be there so you'd just be traveling through. Trees are what's picaresque about us. We're just a type of gaudy jewelry, per se. 
  Florida used to look like this. Now there's even the pizzazz of sidewalks leading to Rock Springs. I miss FloridaTrees. This is where my parents had their funerals. Cemetery where they're buried. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust but I like being there where their remains are. Our house. Where I was raised is now parking lot as far as the eye sees. Home of the Panthers. Where Coach Comer and the football team saw me demolish fellow 11 year olds James Oliver, Kenneth Carpenter and either Tommy Watson or Wade Andrews in a four lap mile challenge around the track. The challenge was for a shorter race but I was so slow I needed the mile to have a chance. MossMy favoritpool. 
  Leaping back from across protected forest and memorialized childhood to Sanford's northeastern-est edge. The Osteen Douglas Stenstrom Bridge that replaced the quaint old one after a truck pushing commission rates totaled the bridge and five innocent lives in 1974. That summer Patrick and I'd crossed that little bridge many times a week to go surfing. Not only was it bizarre trucks drove so fast over that little bouncy bridge, at all, but that the bridge was really expected to perform as a basic artery to not just that last little leg to hunting camps further up in the forest. But it was THE FREAKING HIGHWAY to the beach. 
  Money's being allocated for the American nation's transportation infrastructure. Even money it'll barely resemble a boondoggle for everyone? But, specifically about road. These huge things are built with nowhere to walk or put light rail or anything except wandering purposefully, aimlessly, inside our mobile thrones
  Nothing like good treesA place paradise intermittently sleeps. At night, believe it or not. From here you could see the lights on Sanford's skyscraper beaming across Lake Monroe
  Still a Firestone and commie gas station at First and French. Like there's not 38 years in between. The library. Just lookin at the map thinking. Please, sprawl's not the best answer. Nuthin like a good truckWild musicEverything turned into a highway. 
To Cleve and Brian and the band and 
Mr. Castro's name stands in for all ours. 

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