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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Would Healthcare Going Down Like Alcohol Prohibition Demonstrate As Much Guts?

Because in Prohibition an unrealistic intolerant enforcement was successfully rebelled against, leaving us serving virtual penance by continuing to punish ourselves for self-righteous immoralities. And yeah, what about subsidizing our opportunity deprived is in the way of whose success, really?  
Rein In Costs?

Because "not working and can't be fixed" is usually enough assessment to walk away from, say, a cracked engine or something else beyond repair. But what about what must be fixed? Because doctors were already reduced to financial wastes of their time we pay for in actual lost productivity. Beyond the numbers that can be represented every-which-away on the page or screen. Who gets the sense there's something not quite professional happening and Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D. should start making neighborhood house calls again? Maybe install one of those obnoxiously redundant ice cream truck soundtracks if The Great Medical Debate ever begins? 

For a second forget character and that firmly planted notion the opportunity challenged are pure lazy which probably requires a lot more concentration than we understand because the human spirit still must be entertained which, as the saying goes, ironically enough, offends those luckily tied to the Rat Race. The re-written circumstances of the full American Dream? Yes, but because government shouldn't arrange people's lives, documenting our every breath is very intimidating when we should all be paying each other for our services? Exactly.  

In fact I side entirely with the hopeful conservative view that if properly operating the free market would solve everyone having insurance. And should have done so if that was the intention. But no. Gaps in the economy are for manipulation as the only heartless thing to do? 
If people weren't thrown in jail for driving without insurance do you think they would? Probably wouldn't except for those with enough money to afford to not be bothered by further inconvenience. No. Giving everyone a good lecture for driving without automobile insurance would be a mess. Kind of like an incomplete health system, huh? So now instead of fixing the disproportional pricing of medical care, we're going to require everyone be proper customers while people will probably go on not really knowing who their doctor is or will be. Still, like a chess game's moves back and forth between the serviced and served? Unlike the relationship many have with their hairdresser/barber. Folks, even doctors could admit patients' relationships shouldn't just be with their diplomas.

Because the economy isn't working exactly quite properly right, objections to socialism aren't credible? Moot? Flexible therefore expandable?

Once upon a time in an Address Before a Joint Session of Congress on Administration Goals, February 17, 1993, a president of the United States pledged, "We will reward the work of millions of working poor," and in the same speech applied the Democratic Party seal to Welfare Reform putting the freeloaders to work - poor. But maybe if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is properly worked as capitalism it could be all the socialism the world ever needs? Besides Fire and Policeetc.

Citing Efforts to Prevent Attack on Syria, Group Nominates Putin for Peace Prize 

The New York Times by David M. Herszenhorn, Oct. 1, 2013


The Comical Conservative picture prompted Facebook comments setting the bar and tone for my, my my my, spec-u-lation.

Woman 1 wrote: Just curious, will you be keeping the insurance you already have or forced to have to take something inferior to what you now have? 
Woman 2 There will be no change in our insurance ... will all come out at once if and when he gets to go back to work. 
Woman 3 the president has to be the leader in believing it's good enough for his family, if it's not why is he pushing it on to us how could we benefit from this 
Woman 3 we should all get health insurance for free as senior citizens 
Woman 1 If you already have insurance, chances are you don't have to change anything either. My husband and I don't have to change ours. If you don't have any insurance because it's been too expensive in the past, I'd think anyone should be happy to be able to have some kind of health insurance that's affordable versus nothing.
Woman 2 As of right now my insurance remains available to me ... It doesn't pay regular yearly visits and deductible is 10,000.00... It's basically catastrophic insurance... I couldn't afford the 462.00 premium so I had to tweak it... Now I pay 272.00 a month and pay out of pocket for my visits... until I see what is in Obamacare I'll hang on to my insurance unless I hear otherwise. Once Obamacare is actually unveiled entirely, only then will we see how good or bad it really is... Saw an article this morning that one of their deciding factors for eligibility is your credit report. Not gonna be good for some people.
Charles M. Fraser If band aids cost the cents they are and patients compensated as research subjects that all Medicine is, then cost would be realistic. If universal healthcare goes down like Prohibition ya think it demonstrates Americans have as much guts? Thanks, having guts probably just stuck me with turning that sentence into an essay. I'm all for finding an economic balance in medicine but it still sounds like throwing a lot of money at the caretakers of the problem rather than fixing it. And you'd think a Congress that shut down the government while paying themselves would be the laughing stock of history, or at least spinning somewhere in the barrel? Dustbin?
The Soapbox View Satirical Twist pursuing the Twin Legacies
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?

Friday, August 9, 2013

What’s Worse Is The Claim Two Wrongs Make A Right?

Month 1 of business amnesty, courts released 13 prisoners.

Complete Public Awareness advocate Edward Snowden, is a tolerated pawn given a year's refuge by the Russian State? To at least overtly demonstrate a subtle disdain for American Political Machine attitudes toward the Russian Elite's sovereignty over their own people too. Mind your own business is such a redundant chant that it doesn't have to be publicly repeated again now. Mr. President?

So in all patriotic deference to the false idol, nationalist idolatry, it should be remembered that government, religious and political, as a definition of cultural identity and loyalty has enabled authoritarians to define civil liberty. Downright leading to punishment having nothing to do with protecting a nations' citizens, but replacing legitimate safeguards against violence with the Fear of the State. 
American Plant, Russian Spy 
Funny how in an absurdly unfunny way Americans' predilection for undervaluing Russian patriotism is, when it comes to the United States what politically coerced citizens flock to, to claim identification with the hallmarks of true Patriotism. Superiority not just to Illegal Aliens, but everyone? 

Just look to the picture left as to where people can be politically pointed culturally. Endlessly polished smoke-and-mirrors of not actual intrigue, but fun and games we're allowed in on when it's either easiest to formulate a controlled consensus or at least tally the preferred votes. 

Until events come to actually weighing factors, then it's those that passed the educational barriers, of no doubt certain relevance, and levels of acceptable respectability that privately nurtured publicly give the truly influential more value in access than mere public servants?  

Honor For Sale?

It is true that in the man pictured right's time, Socialism was logically collectively scapegoated by the bourgeoisie for misappropriating capital from even more profitable channels of economic diversity? As a stern executioner of finally legitimate warmonger tactics against what should have been the final twist toward World War Insanity, it must be true Mr. Churchill's logic is written in stone? 
Yet corporate welfare, the other polished side of the political coin was just a strength and no one's impediment when either way it's just accounting and everyone seems cheated as often enough as not? 

So today the ideal of trickle down has become laws with an ability to gorge or dissolve depending upon how strengthened the strong are as it should be rather than subsidizing the passively opportunity deficient. 

Oh, boo hoo. If I wrote to be agreed with, there'd be nothing else to say?

Fascinating. Do you realize we collectively go day to day hearing logic that's not applied to circumstances because profit can't be realized? Don't kid yourselves.
To Avoid The Taint, Rabid Anti-Communist
Liberal Hubert Horatio Humphrey
Our greatest belittled accomplishments from Socialist Daycare to caring for abandoned animals, society domesticated, to comfortable corporate heads. No eye is off the financial ball. Less hearts actually bleeding because people care, after all? We care with our money as it should be. So everything brought to fruition entrepreneurially, squeezes the right margins for capitalism to reach every beggar in a lazy suit and tie to hopeless vagrant entitled to handouts? Capitalism cleans the streets. Socialism is capitalism. So is it true sycophantic political insiders just spout what gets them paid, without the investment of pure integrity, because the wish to be popular is where money flows from? Capitalism is socialism is capitalism if you asked me? 
To whatever degree the pictured above point can be regarded, is a loyalty less blinded by the impurities of pure patriotism?
Bradley - As Confused As Government - Manning?
The Soapbox View Satirical Twist in pursuit of the 
Twin Legacies

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Publicity for more than a decade has been there's less profit for media conglomerates to discover and sell the news. But progress devoured the veracity of information long before the birth of this generation as a compelling story has come before the facts for a very, very long time. Apparently Martin Luther didn't tack his 95 Theses above a door as a publicity stunt to shame the Catholic Church hierarchy for exploiting the poor as alleged by his admirers, who through the printing press in January 1518 mounted Martin Luther's fame. Instead Martin Luther followed protocol by sending his criticisms up the Catholic Church chain of command. But as, the film director, John Ford said, "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."

Will the business of news presentation die, blamed as the culprit, because over time the crafted quality presentations circumvented people's desire to measure the news, since seeking, what was planted in everyone's lap, was out of fashion a very, very long time ago? Blaming the messengers for their having to represent a constituent opinion, rather than uncovering facts that could add up to comprehensive information? For corroboration of pervasive sycophanticism all one has to do is recognize Brit Hume's repetitive, rhetorical rant, on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, that liberalism is government enterprise. No, he doesn't say it that way specifically? Good, keep paying attention.
That profit is so disheveled, the news is not the marketplace of ideas but of messages to be bought and sold is the public's fault we haven't insisted on the whole story. Everyone following their own philosophies in sound bytes rather than expanding the political intellectual sphere. Or is political intellectualism just an oxymoronAnd court of public opinion not a trial? 

So while unaware of having these specific thoughts in mind, I looked to see an article of some detail in The New York Times' New Party Pick Putin as Leader by  labeled WORLD BRIEFING | EUROPE. But what I found was just a little tid-bit of accepted Western wisdom, without expansion, as if pasted to the Internet by Gawker itself except for the portent of important politics.  
Obviously I don't get around much as I can't remember ever hearing or seeing President Putin speak nonstop in English for 2 minutes and 28 seconds before. C/O The New York Times and the Kremlin.
Defining Free Speech Is Confining?

How Right Was The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member Dorothy Rabinowitz About The Notorious "All Powerful Bicycle Lobby Enterprise?"

Bike lanes by Casey Neistat

More importantly will this be the summer safe cycling isn't a debate? Because that's how the interview ends with both women shrugging and deciding they'll see how the fate of this bicycle program is perceived. 

Basically, Ms. Rabinowitz is right. The proliferation of sidewalk riding and traffic light running defies what is accepted proper street etiquette. Except the question that preceded her tirade was about a comparison of traffic deaths by automobile compared to no deaths by bicycle over the same period. Where have over aggressive irresponsible bike riders gotten their feeling that anything goes when it comes to traffic survival? From the culture's love of the car and willingness to forgive anything. The Chinese are destroying their environment and are now so addicted to luxury and riches the car brought to the world's elite that it's official few care whether the poor ever catch up or not.   

The popular story was tid-bitted by James Fallows in The Atlantic and Erik Wemple in The Washington Post, among many publications and WSJ. Even Anti-Bike Crusader Dorothy Rabinowitz Will Not Be Silenced by  in New York

But even if it were true bicycling was funneling gazillions of dollars through the system for political domination, the transportation industry's funds are available for a bountiful supply of all-powerful lobbies in many more venues than the challenge of making transportation safe for cyclists. Though it's really endearing watching Dorothy Rabinowitz express her steadfast belief. So no this won't be the summer the United States finally debates traffic. No this is the summer history judges the public's imagination as one fraudulently manufactured by colliding selfish financial motivations.

Last week at Red Lantern Bicycles I attended a discussion of the history of the New York City bicycle movement sponsored and hosted by Mike Green of BikeBlogNYC and Nona Varnado of theBirdWheelAnd you'd never seen an event look less sponsored by huge financial interests. While some people have made money from promoting bicycle transportation, for the most part, civilization is in these people's debt for caring enough long before the bike cult, the "powerful bicycle lobby enterprise," became a faction politicians might have to please.

Short Story Memorial for Counter Culturist, 
Bohemian Tuli Kupferberg