The New York Times' Maureen Dowd vs. Me. Not President Joe Biden

Three men walk into a courtroom, as August heats up. Maureen Dowd

QUOTE: Thomas is abiding by the adage that living well is the best revenge. He never got over the humiliation of the Anita Hill hearings, even though his allies smeared Hill as he lied his way to Senate confirmation. (Thanks, Joe Biden!) He came out of it feeling angry and vindictive. He got on the court, muscling past questions about his legal abilities and ethical compass by pushing the story that he was a guy who worked his way up from poverty.  I emboldened the name Joe Biden! to emphasize her emphasis. Thanks Maureen, knee jerk vindictiveness is in line with your your essays pointing to shadowing the Republican Facade. Joe Biden probably didn't have the leverage to circumnavigate Anita Hill's stand for what was obvious to be made clear. MUDDLERS twist for a living and how a president is on tape fearing the hippies because he knew he stupidly undermined their American Parents. 

    Among which would be a denied confederate in this throw it all at the wall and mayhem looks just fine vanity is others' blame in the full scope of Trump's self-righteous beliefs. Did you keep yourself away from Forbes' boat to not directly mingle with Trump, Hammer and maybe that highlighted  NIXONIAN IDIOT, your loser marijuana friend Roger Stone. Though a faceless ruiner of lives of that stature would have killed the self-backpatting vibe.

    Anyway the in-private queer-baiter delinquent prodigies of the Fifth Avenue Dumpster? Biden's positioning, to explain, is necessary for the Vice President's time to not be completely wasted by the McCarthyism, Tax Not Simple So Devious, US House of Representatives. WHO only waste more time billboarding Joe Biden as not as devotedly STALINIST as your abilities to lie to yourselves about accommodating jerks that own Maureen Dowd's comfortable isolated self unable to crack that damned ceiling leaking money so it disappears before reaching the mob. 

    The Andrew Carnegie System of not paying workers who drink the checks because common sense would tell the womanless bachelor the wives should get the checks and maybe you should throw a beer party instead of claiming credit for an IMPROVING SOCIETY centuries after participating in ruining us. Maureen? 

    And obvious Trump Is Massacred AND she piles on oblivious to the reality I'm censored on FACEBOOK by getting further toward the truth than her delightful satire pinpointing the falling in line behind BIG MONEY hiding their falseness they're the economy's backbone. 

    Maureen's maybe. But not a sound world or America.   People feed themselves from the bottom up.  Not World Wide Oil Dripping Shipping and fields unable to feed their home populations for low prices for people whose falling wages means there's a real not giving a crap while people face the world pretending TOO GOD DAMNED MUCH.      Maureen is satisfied(?) to pretend to care, to a public framed as dismally self-righteous as Maureen's rotten prose. That's more pathetic than poor manipulated Mia Farrow. Atop a baseless hierarchy of hiding from hiding from truths. READ- July 2 - 4, 2023 Tales From Faceless National Enquirer HELP? Recovering a Mind For Nationalist Escapist-ism, ghostwritten: Mike HammerI drank wine, speaking up with proceeding to mend my friend's mind.. 

    Useful commercialism is Maureen's pin lined up to take a public fall for plastics not recycled etc. But she'll complain, but not bring down the lying. Dressed up nice Maureen? You can't even stand next to Carl Bernstein out of the same Washington Star pinned to your chest. His name significant without linking his name. As is yours in my contesting get away from being AUNT NANCY AND UNCLE RONNIE'S PRINCESS OF MORE BASELESS SCHEMES! How much Pharmaceutical Investment seeps from your designer jeans!!! 

    Designer jeans, nice time for an aside. Remember Gloria Vanderbilt's classy jeans and her for a time boyfriend Gordon Parks Jr., who'd have been familiar with her CNN celebrity son Anderson Cooper. (While comically, Zeligly, Mr. Cooper's New Year's Eve friend felt compelled to mention to building staff, in his elevator, that he'd just been to Argentina too.) 
    Parks apparently probably knew of the racist Sheriff who'd hated me, my whole life, when we passed on Second Avenue with a wide grin and I didn't excactly why except recognizing him. Even before facing South Africa later at their nearby brownstone lair. 
    The point of blazploitation films was BLACKS gaining criminal control as uncontrollable wild men so the MAFIA wouldn't take all the HEROIN money for themselves while rich New York got high on really good expensive grass deemed unaffordable for Harlem where the desperate were encouraged to rip off more of their fellow BLACKS. All due to RETARDED White Nationalist Escapism hiding behind the smoke screen that there's worst racists when all the same GOD DAMNED BAD.  

July 3, History's Destructive Midas, King Rupert Playing Miserably With America's Undigested Mike Hammer - Diseased Illiterate Stagnate Financial Degeneracy

July 2 - 4, 2023 Tales From Faceless National Enquirer HELP? Recovering a Mind For Nationalist Escapist-ism, ghostwritten: Mike HammerI drank wine, speaking up with proceeding to mend my friend's mind.. 


June 22 Truth Is I Don’t Feel Good Writing In A Hostile Manner. I AM ANGRY !!!

YOUR WHOLE FAMILY MUST BE HALFWIT WASHINGTON FAKES bought as police protection and daughter primed for the New York Times where Carl Bernstein a really legitimate up from The Washington Times Star reporter has problems of his own crossing the sponsorship bar. Maureen Dowd and Uber. 

Maureen Dowd Frames Family's Used-up Republican FACE  


Bezos Rules The World  idolizing self. Amazon Insignificant. SOLD COMMERCE SHORT. Soulless  destruction of so much commerce, pretending his genius is any scheme.  Businesses seen as available for Amazon to jump in. How many lawyers does that cost? Bought yourself quite an eternal home, you know!

Contemporary History Exposes Big-Oil Dripping Generations of Drool All Over The World


Watch Out Fake Tom Cruisers

Opinion Columnist

    Oh well. Mar-a-Lago's faceless, blunder, wonder continues. Exposing a conspiracy generations behind electricity not provided in FILLING STATIONS. 
SO NOW. Now, now, now. The Really Big SHOW Edna St. Vincent Millay 
A wonder from, on and in between, the lines of history.   She'd dreamed of writing and had her whole family with her when she made her inroads into literature.

    Greenwich Village, where she worked, was the defined scar of futile resistance to ridiculously applied capitalist punishment. Where Womanhood's rights were pursued for themselves and formed a beachhead in the major nonsense of wars between different people. 

    Greenwich Village was the fortified facing of the Sharks of Inherent Financially Wasted Wealth who owned the rest of the streets. Defended capitalism, when the abundance funded destructive competitions titled wars etc. Too big for the public to understand? Too muted for the public not to understand facing the shallow duping is a place to defend individual liberties NOW.

    IT WAS Men who'd evolved to face the responsibility for children crafted into all the women's faults. Labelling Socialists just violently associated. Targeting even their issue Child Care political. When the problem was, and is, capitalism functioning correctly. Why much of the world's devastation really is buying that BEING SOLD OUT is meaningless drool.A

pinnacled symbol, the monstrous tentacled TITAN J. P. Morgan,so fatly enthralled, and ensconced, in manipulating finance to just manipulate financing's profit, he probably only slept best in that GOD DAMNED chair. Yep. How I remember feeling in the library when a contemporary French Joan of Arc emphasized our standing honored another pinhead of royalty skullduggery.

    So Edna St. Vincent Millay's devoted husband from the lower tiers of the BIG-OIL Dripping Industry explained he'd take care of her in Austerlitz where friends documented visiting a woman relatively okay except hostage to the facade evil people know digging the whole world out from underneath us destroys the world. Bright ideacordoning off symbols of independent women. Destroying Malcolms, Martins and whoever else got in the way of facing ourselves.

    America, get it? Most likely Wiley Post and Will Rogers ran away to filter out as it is known they spent time with the Eskimos. They knew a logical nationally planned network grid policy wasn't planned. Light rail abandoned so cars asphalt the world exploiting resources meant for evolution within. A little pollution okay? DEAD WRONG.

    If you don't think history's manipulated, look what poor white trash was elected president! Jaqueline Bouvier probably the targeted liberal icon and idiots spiral all-the-time. She'd warned John her father was inside the Pentagon and said there's people doing untrustworthy things in there. She warned him not to bother flying. He knew. Two bimbos late imagined into it's just all about celebrity, who'd been warned not to set him up like that. He's documented saying just get on the plane. 

    An abandoned wealthy child shoots John Lennon who'd finally gotten his legal harness loosely attached. Then the simple fraud knight Reagan goes down, the same way, and up a General pops running around playing next in charge. While even the fools know Bush is the next clown in line. Why John F. Kennedy Jr. smiled the three times we crossed. St. Patrick's, an elevator with a woman and rummaging around publishing at 50th and Broadway where the electrifier of the guitar Les Paul played a few years and thought it cool what the kids did with the electric guitar. Against just a bunch of circling pinhead conspiracy crap with no necessary need to pin their pinheaded names on. Because our own individual consciences are our own individually faced gory glories. What a miserable fate to sit carelessly on enjoying destroying the human race.

What is it with
you people? 
Close the door on the GOD DAMNED BASTARDS.

By Frank Rojas - The New York Times

Three decades have passed since Billy Joel released his hit single “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” a song that chronicled cultural and historical events from 1949 to 1989. Its rapid-fire lyrics took listeners through a time machine, with references to figures such as Harry Truman and Marilyn Monroe and events such as the Korean War and Woodstock. Now, Fall Out Boy has picked up where the song left off with an updated cover version.

The single’s cover art reads “A Fall Out Boy cover of the Billy Joel song ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ covering newsworthy items from 1989-2023,” and the new lyrics refer to Myspace, the Mars Rover, Jeff Bezos and the deaths of Prince and Queen Elizabeth.

“I remember hearing the song when I was a kid,” Pete Wentz, the bassist, wrote in an email. “The ‘J.F.K. blown away’ line always stuck out to me. I would always start the verses but get kind of lost a few references in.”

He continued, “This song was omnipresent in that era, but in a way where it crept through the cracks of pop culture. I remember talking about the lyrics in history class.”

According to Mr. Wentz, instead of a straight cover of the song, the band wanted to amend the lyrics to reflect the 34 years that had passed since its release.

“I listen to Billy Joel’s and so many of the things in it are either massive moments or just kind of shoulder shrugs within history now,” he wrote. “It’s interesting to see what he referenced from the ’50s and ’60s and what he didn’t. And in some ways it’s just etchings inside of a cave — documentation that we existed and these things happened, both triumphant and terrible. We made this song for ourselves and then we hoped our fans would have fun with it.”

Brady Gerber is a rock music critic who contributes to New York and Pitchfork. As a fan of the original, he is quite fond of Fall Out Boy’s take.

“I think every generation gets their own ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire,’” Mr. Gerber said. “I still think the melody is really catchy and fun. And I remember that the initial reaction to Billy Joel’s original version wasn’t really great. I think a lot of people actually hated the song at the time. So it’s funny, because I’m also seeing a lot of people criticizing the song thinking it’s ridiculous, but it’s also just a ridiculous song to begin with.”

While it’s hard to capture every historical moment, the song mimics the original in that its references span a wide range, covering climate change as well as Pokémon and the “Twilight” films.

Fall Out Boy did, however, leave out one of the most recent historical events: “I think our biggest omission was a Covid reference,” Mr. Wentz said, “and we debated it, but we leave that to the next generation’s update!” 

MALCOLM, Underground Happening

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