Thursday, December 20, 2012

Often News Is Not New To You, Who Are About To Enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE

Good Day, News Programming Will Join You Soon In Progress

But it’s not so unusualreading invitations to participate by visualizing with your imagination. How all art questions us, because there’s nothing in the world that is ultimately so uncommon as to have never been unimagined before. So imagining new things still shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Everyday items become symbolic symbols, gestures, great art. The every day act of living, commonly done every day, could be that golden Yellow Brick Road Dorothy walked just wishing there was a better way when there should be.

That’s life, solving problems. Thinking it over. Sometimes your mind travels a long way, this and that, just to understand where you are now. In the middle of work is where most of us are all the time. When on one part of the planet there’s a mass unconscious break, and, on the other, physical hysterics making sure the job gets done. So more than anything, it could be sleep that gets in our way requiring we live by formulas to repeat what we did yesterday so its done right. Without sleep we’d just go forward faster, realizing better methods and acting on them rather than consistently requiring ourselves to be virtual robots repeating what's required by those required to be in charge of us. 

This is the quandary facing the local hero of our fable, known far-and-wide and maybe not so much close to home. Nonetheless known everywhere by the nautical phrase of salute, Ay Yi Sir. Pronounced, I, I, Sur. 

And so Ay Yi Sir’s biggest problem was being known far and wide, technically making him a celebrity in a country where only famous authoritarians could be famous. For it was the authoritarians' duty to keep control under control. As everyone knows masses of people can be unruly and then unfortunately that has to be put to a stop. Then, if need be, the people can be gotten to accept what they didn’t want that made them so unruly. 

But if kept under proper control, which was at that time thought - complete control, then there was nowhere to independently go. So, unfortunately, no matter how tolerant of others Ay Yi Sir was, one day, he fell out of step while passing superior authoritarian when Ay Yi's head didn't turn in deference after his compulsory nod to the ground.

He was taken away with a lawyer provided for him and could hardly believe the ghost of Franz Kafka himself wasn't on his shoulder reminding him even the dream doesn't go away. 

Of course individuals can be left somewhere within personal reach of an authoritarian willing to take responsibility, for the moment. Because, as the process requires, authoritarians only function is diplomatic and their major concern is with making sure an authoritarian's superior couldn't hold them both responsible for what any other superior had not seen. A lamentable situation, as if its the existence of children hiding from parents. But that might not just be the story here as there is always more news. Hopefully about Ay Yi Sir's getting a new, fair trial rather than the last one's absurd ritual. What they called, in his country, a media circus and you know how impossibly wicked those can turn out for a celebrity.

Ah geez. The New York Times, Putin Defends Position on Syria and Chastises U.S. on Libya
Have to admit President Putin plays his hand. Oh, no sorry. His hand is still on the pawn that just can't be seen. 


INDIANAPOLIS - The American welfare state has grown, but so have the ranks of the poor. As the U.S. tries to focus help on those deemed most worthy, millions of adults are getting squeezed. 

Entirely squeezed? Does just the thought of the numbers get you down? How with all the money in the world its just not spread around. Not that someone has too much or someone else not enough, it's that what everyone has is not enough.  Answer why, then solve that.

"Think about it" is the best advice we're ever given. Sit on it as well as sleep on it too. It's just a wonderful life for Ay Yi Yi Sir and the authoritarians who should know a good political moment when they see it.  

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